Your boyfriend is never going to say this, but some of the little things that you say to your boyfriend end up hurting him.

Good communications are based on great connections.  However, some things are best left unmentioned. Some things below are never to be said to your lover since you love him and won’t be the girl that hurts her boyfriend.

You are proud of your open, genuine connection. But this does not mean that you should obscure whatever thoughts you think about. Sometimes, you may feel cruel, unwelcome, or just irritating to your partner as a statement that looks completely innocent.

never say to your boyfriend

1. “Shut Up”:

You never honestly should tell someone to shut up(quiet up). Not your guy in particular. The ultimate evidence of disregard should be that healthy relationships are respectable and to call someone to be “shut up.” Those two words have a thousand distinct signals – and they’re cruel. First, “I don’t want to hear you, they say. Then, they say:” What you’ve got to say, I don’t care.”

2. You Remind Me Of My Ex:

Do not discuss so much about your ex unless you share your past and become closer to your present spouse, and the two guys are a major No-No. For the current boyfriend, it is uncomfortable and will keep you in the past. That’s a reality, and everybody is different. Let the previous relation go and concentrate on the new one.

3. My Ex Did The Exact Same Thing:

Your partner never wishes to hear anything like your ex, whether a favorable relation (both keep your door open) or a bad one (or not showering frequently enough) ever.
Do not make him feel that you continually compare the two, Think of it: do you want him to assume he does just like your ex does other things? Doubtful. Moreover, he may feel you’re hung on your old sweetheart still.
Anyway, such a statement won’t do much for his self-esteem. So please keep it to yourself the next time you have a boyfriend deja-vu.

4. Be A Man:

No, he doesn’t have to “man up,” it doesn’t have to be a “pansy,” and you don’t have to emasculate it. Do not cut him down; encourage and support your guy.

5. Your Friend Is Really Hot:

He should be the only one for you in his thoughts, even when you sometimes do windows. Do not insult your fellow by telling him that you believe his buddies are gorgeous, mainly because if he did it to you, you wouldn’t enjoy it.

6. Your Parents Drive Me Nuts:

Parents and their children’s relationships often are complex. Even if you disagree with your boyfriend’s parents, you haven’t got the same past as your guy does, so don’t accept that weight and strive to stay the way you want. It’s much more necessary not to be critical, and instead increase your connection with your parents, if he is in great contact with his parents.

7. We Need To Talk:

The foundations of a genuinely excellent relationship are good communication. But cut the clichés off if you need a conversation with your guy. “We need to talk” might often lead your guy to misunderstandings and so lead to negative communication rather than good communication.

8. You Have Gained Weight/ You Are Going Gray:

Hey, you won’t want to hear that from him, so why don’t you believe he doesn’t want to listen to such things? Nobody enjoys hearing things as they have gained weight. There are more ways to assist him and push him to get back in shape/look for himself if you believe he lets himself keep in shape.

9. Never Say You’re Cute to Your Boyfriend:

The dolls are cute. Craps are adorable. The kids are cute. Your boyfriend, not cute. He doesn’t want his lover to “aww” at him. In the least, not at all.
Most boys don’t want to hear the term cute. That makes them uncomfortable.

10. I Have Trained You Well:

No, you didn’t. You did not. He is a person with his own brain. This statement may be a big blow to his trust and suggest that you are manipulating. Nobody wins. No one wins.

11. That Was So Sweet Of You To Remember:

There is a misunderstanding (stigma associated) that guys don’t recall key days or what they are like, or how they first met at a coffee. The reality is, guys are as observant and reflective as women, and the other way around is disrespectful.

12. I Can Help You Shop:

This may be very disrespectful if he does not ask for your aid. It’s simply a reverse way of saying, “You don’t like his clothes.”

13. I Hate Your Mom:

For his friends, for his brothers, for his father… even for the dog. Don’t detest them if he genuinely loves anybody or anything. You may not be entirely in touch with everyone in his life, but try to do your best to be diplomatic with those he cares for. Be receptive to what he sees in you (things that may not be immediately obvious to you).

14. Are You Sure You’re Ok?:

Sometimes, when your boyfriend is unspecifically silent, we are taken off guard. you’re going to pull and test and hopefully get to the root of the problem. There can be no specific explanation, if in actuality.

Men also have terrible days – they can be irritable, fatigued, or not enjoy speaking in general. They are also human! Would you mind not reading too much into anything, however hard it may be? Give it its room and keep it occupied till it snaps out. Ask him again and again what is troubling him, and the only honest answer is “You.” so give him some space.