Writing is one thing that adds more value to your business and helps you build a strong online presence in the market.

Writing is one of the good digital assets that could be beneficial for your business in terms of adding more value to your blog post.

Businesses are now focusing on making good web content for their businesses and have started building their strong online presence.

Let’s explore 100+ blog post topic ideas about writing…

100+ Blog Post Topic Ideas about Writing:

Introduction of writing
Types of Writing
About Plagiarism
About web Content
About Readability Score
Everything about writing and beyond writing



Introduction of Writing:

1. What is Writing? Explained
2. How to become a writer? Explained
3. A beginners guide to writing 2022 (with the year)
4. Why is writing important? Explained
5. How do you improve your writing skills?
6. Know about the different types of writing
7. 10 amazing skills writers have to develop
8. Why is reading important to become good at writing?
9. How to make your writing piece impressive?
10. How to write good and catchy headlines?

Types of Writing:

11. What is book writing? Explained
12. What is technical writing? Explained
13. What is web content writing? Explained
14. What is copywriting? Explained
15. Copywriting vs. Content Writing: Know the difference
16. What is Short Story writing? Explained
17. What is Poem writing? Explained
18. What is Song Writing? Explained
19. What is the difference between songwriting and poem writing?
20. What is Social media writing? Explained

About Plagiarism:

21. What is Plagiarism? Explained
22. How to Avoid Plagiarism? Explained
23. Is plagiarism a crime? Explained
24. How to avoid plagiarism in a blog post?
25. Top 10 ways to avoid plagiarism from your content
26. 9 best tools to check plagiarism in your content
27. 8 simple rules to avoid plagiarism
28. Why do you need a plagiarism detection tool?
29. Learn to Write Plagiarism Free content for your blog?
30. Comparison of Turnitin vs. Copy scape

About Web Content:

31. How blog is Different from a Website? Explained
32. What are Blog writing and Article Writing? Explained
33. How to write a blog post vs. an Article? Explained
34. How to write SEO-optimized content? Explained
35. Difference between blog content and web content
36. How to write a blog post as a beginner?
37. What is the meta description in your blog post?
38. Why is it important to add a conclusion at the end of your blog post?
39. Top ten tools for blog writing in 2022
40. 7 ways to write an impressive blog post

About Readability Score:

41. What is the Readability score? Explained
42. How to Find a readability Score of your blog post?
43. How much is the ideal readability score for your blog post?
44. How to improve the readability score of my blog post?
45. How to calculate the readability score of my blog post?
46. How does readability improve the quality of your blog post?
47. Different types of readability score formulas to use
48. Why is it important to learn more about readability for your blog?
49. What is Flesch Kincaid’s readability score? Explained
50. How does the readability score help the quality of content? Explained

Writing a Book:

51. A beginner’s guide to writing a book
52. How challenging is it to write a book?
53. How to write a best-selling book?
54. How to write a best-selling novel?
55. How to write a romance-drama book?
56. How to write a fiction or non-fiction book?
57. Difference between fiction and non-fiction book
58. How to avoid the fear of failure while writing a book?
59. How to become an author? Explained
60. What are the differences between the author and the writer?

Everything about Writing and beyond Writing:

61. What is a Content Writer? Explained
62. What is Persuasive Writing? Explained
63. What is Expository Writing? Explained
64. What is Narrative Writing? Explained
65. What is Descriptive Writing? Explained
66. The Five Writing process Steps
67. Know about brainstorming in writing
68. Know about writing a good piece with ease
69. Know about revising your written content
70. Know about how to Edit your content

71. Know about how to publish your written content
72. 10 ways to become a better writer
73. 11 easy steps for effective content writing
74. 10 tips to become a better writer in your industry
75. 25+ book writing ideas for beginners
76. 25+ short story writing ideas for beginners
77. How to make a good storyline for your book?
78. 10 ways content writing is helping businesses
79. Why is content writing important for your business?
80. 11 amazing things about the content writing

81. How to improve your content writing skills?
82. Learn to start content writing as a beginner
83. 10 easy steps to proofread your content
84. How to repurpose your content? Explained
85. 10 reasons entrepreneurs need to learn content writing
86. What is Keyword Research in Content Writing?
87. What is Keyword Stuffing in Content Writing?
88. Difference between content marketing and copywriting
89. 10 ways to become good at writing web content
90. 10 reasons your business need a content writer

91. What is Content Marketing? Explained
92. 10 easiest ways to proofread your writing
93. 10 simplest ways to edit your writing
94. 10 ways writing helps your business to generate more revenue
95. Blog writing vs. Article Writing vs. News writing
96. How to create a good blogging platform? Explained
97. Best platform to start your blogging journey for free
98. How to write a quality blog post? Explained
99. How to add more value to your web content? Explained
100. How to avoid keyword stuffing in your blog post? Explained

101. A beginner’s guide to songwriting