Be the kind of man you want your daughter to date, and this way, you will make your relationship grow further. Don’t be the guy that becomes a horrible dream for a girl.

If you value your girl, she will treat you like the best partner, be the guy that loves her girl unconditionally. Don’t be the man that hooks up with the new girl every weekend.

Girls do not want that. You will become a horrible dream for her this way. This is not attractive to the “wifey material” girls.

Here are some facts we are going to discuss that every guy needs to understand about girls.

17 facts boys need to understand about girls

17-Things every guy needs to understand about girls:

1. You are her partner, not her authority:

Taking care of her is fine but asking her about everything and annoying her for everything is not good. Keep in mind that she is your partner, and you are not her authority. Would you please not make her feel stuck in a relationship? Your permission is not required. You are obliged to know your girl’s location all the time. It would be helpful if you didn’t worry as much that she feels annoyed by your questions. Please remember that there is a line that must be drawn between jealousy and protectiveness. If you have faith in your relationship, let it be.

2. Do not lie:

Girls like the boys who tell the truth and don’t play with their trust. They appreciate your loyalty and telling the truth attitude. Do your bit and don’t lie in your relationship to make your relationship last long. Lying also includes not telling your girl what you’re planning to do.

3. Girls Never Forget:

Girls never forget things, so be careful before saying anything rude to her. Be careful what you say because they will remember it for years to come. They tend to take things to heart, especially those that are mind-numbingly painful.

4. Be the Good Guy:

Despite appearing to be drawn to the “bad boy” type, the girl wants a good guy who will treat her well. As soon as we can, we’ll regain our composure. The good guys win the heart of the homecoming queen, and she becomes their wife. Girls always appreciate the boys with good behaviors.

5. Girls don’t wear makeup to impress you:

You may think that girls wear makeup to impress you, but that’s definitely not the case. Before they dress to impress you, girls dress to impress other girls first. Most girls wear makeup to feel better about their selves, not to catch your eye.

6. Don’t play games:

Don’t play games with girls; if you play games with your girl, you will become a terrible dream for her when she figures out this. If you want to play, then play video games, do not play with feelings. In general, girls have grown to meet all these types of situations, or they’ve become tired of encountering all of this. Therefore, STOP.

7. Trust Issues:

Most girls have faced trust issues at least once in their lives by now. The majority of what you tell them about their selves is unlikely to be taken seriously because someone else has said the same thing and made promises that they haven’t kept in the past. Be the guy that won’t bother your girl, and she can trust you.

8. Good Girl Exist:

Good girls do exist. Have patience and wait for your right one. Do not just play or pass the time with others because you do feel alone. Simply put, you’re not quite ready to view them yet. Most teenage guys are obsessed with sex appeal yet report “no good ladies” in their lives. Be patient and don’t go after every easy Barbie that comes your way; wait for the right one, and you’ll end up meeting the right person for you.

9. Actions speak louder than words:

Your words are meaningless if your deeds don’t back them up. If you care about your girl, please let her know by showing her. Do your bit and be the good guy. Do all the things you promise to your girl to make your relationship healthier.

10. Girls Always find out:

A girl’s curiosity will always lead her to the truth, so don’t lie. She finds out certain things by mistake, and sometimes she’s like the FBI. Every detail should be disclosed. You may think she’s nuts, but she will do what she has to do, and it is what it is.

11. Hot< beautiful:

Girls prefer to be called beautiful or lovely rather than sexy or hot, on the whole. I think it’s more authentic and demonstrates your sincerity. Girls like to being called beautiful rather than hot or sexy.

12. Pay Attention:

whenever your girl is saying something to you, pay attention to the conversation, even at her body language. Girls hint a lot.

13. Don’t get replaced:

Someone else will take care of your girl if you don’t. Don’t break up with her; put her back together! Do not tear her apart. Be the guy she wants.

14. Never Compare:

Never do this sin of comparing your girl with other girls. Comparing her to other girls is not fair. Even without her partner, she’s already having enough anxieties. A person who can’t love his girl at her worst is unworthy of her at her finest.

15. Don’t Take Advantage:

Would you mind not taking advantage of girls’ generosity? Too many women have given men 12297 chances they don’t deserve, according to my observations.

16. Cheating:

CHEATING IS NOT ALLOWED!!!! Don’t be in a relationship if you want to meet other women! don’t cheat if you are in a relationship; this way, you will ruin everything if you cheat in your relationship.

17. Love and Care:

A man who genuinely loves and cares for them is what most girls seek out. Even though girls are complex, this is a fundamental concept that will make them happy.


♦ Conclusion:

Understand what your girl wants and don’t let her feel down. You can make your relationship better by making little effort for your girl and your relationship. usually, girls do not ask about surprises or gifts, but when they receive this kind of gesture, they will appreciate you for making all your efforts to make your relationship move forward.