We human beings are social animals. We find it difficult to live without love, friends, families, and relatives. This is why we keep looking for new friends and relationships.

If you think for a while you have to live alone for a month, it sounds fun, but when it comes to reality, you will feel low after 10 -15 days because human behavior wants to connect with each other and socialize with each other.

Now coming to the point, how do you figure out that you are in love or you are just lonely? You have to observe yourself for a while to figure this out.


There is a thin line between you are in love, or you are just lonely.

Sometimes you will feel that you want a friend, companion to avoid your loneliness, and this will remain a friendship, but sometimes you will often fall in love with the person.


• Thinking about the person:

If you have thoughts about that person all the time and want to be with her/him all the time, you might be in love with that person.

But if you just want to talk with that person to feel relaxed a few times, you are only looking for a friendship because you are alone and do not have anyone to talk with.

• Your emotions strike:

If you are not eating well, having a hard time sleeping, mood swings,  and your heartbeat rates are moving fast, you are possibly in love with that person.

But if you have trust issues and are scared of being surrounded by people because you think that they might end up hurting you, this is a sign that you are lonely.

• Do anything for her/him:

If you are ready to do anything for her/him crossing your limits and principles, then you are definitely in love.

But if you want to help but without crossing your limits and principles, you are just alone who wants her/him as a good, trustworthy friend.

• Seeing him/her in your future: 

You can see him/her in your future, and you want to be with her all the time. This means you are in love if you see him/her in your future.

You do not see him/her in the future. You just want a friendship that listens to each other and helps each other when there is no one around. This is a sign of loneliness.

• In Love you get panic when you don’t see him/her:

You feel panic when you don’t see him/her around, and you start looking for him/her until you find that person. This is one of the signs that you are in love.

You don’t feel panic when he/she is not around, but you will start to find a way to talk to someone else that might understand as he/she understands you. This is a sign that you are just lonely and not in love.

• You feel possessive for him/her:

You feel possessive for him/her all the time. You don’t want to share that person with others and feel like you own him/her, meaning you are in love with that person.

You would feel relax with the person, but you would not feel possessive. Because you think of that person as a very good friend, this means you are lonely, and you just want that person to talk with you that’s it.

• You don’t worry about what others say: 

You don’t worry about what others say for you. You just want to stick around that person all the time, no matter how pathetic it sounds. This is the sign that you are in love.

You are always worried about what others will say about you, and avoid that person for that reason just to be perfect in society’s eyes, which means you are literally alone. And you are doing everything to make society like you.

• Feeling romantic  vs. lonely and broken:

You feel romantic when that person is around and want to do things that couples do. You feel like you want to go for a long romantic walk or go to a movie. Feeling romantic with that person means you are in love.

If you feel lonely and broken, you don’t want to trust anyone, but you want society to like you, and you are doing everything to impress society to like you, which means you are alone and broken from inside.

• Serious feelings:

If you have a strong and serious feeling about the person and you want him/her to have the same feeling for you as well. You are ready to change yourself as per that person’s condition; you are definitely in love with him/her.

If you do not have serious feelings for him/her. You just want them as your friend that will talk to you and give some time to remove your loneliness. This means you are lonely and want to be accepted by society.


⇒ If you feel lonely, that doesn’t mean you are not good, and no one is around you. If your friend is good, then there are high chances that you can also fall in love with that person.

We hope you learn the difference between whether you are in love or just lonely through this post; being lonely hurts, but it can be beautiful if you learn how to be alone and happy. And also how to be single and happy.