So many NFT Projects are coming into the market, making it difficult to find the ideal Project according to your preferences.

But also, there are so many NFT tools and NFT Calendars available for the community to find out the ideal NFT projects that might be a good fit.

However real deal comes here; it is not that you can easily find your ideal Project and you are done because there are a lot of scams and rug pulls happening all around the space, which is why it is important to find out the right NFT project for yourself by doing your own research.

You probably have heard a lot of NFT enthusiasts and industry experts saying (DYOR) do your own research, but they have never shown you how you could do your own research and find out more information to judge any NFT project that whether it is genuine or just another scam.

However, here in this article, I am going to show you how you can do in-depth research on any NFT project to get more information about any NFT project.

How to Conduct In-depth Research about any NFT Project?

You have to understand that the NFT industry is a risk-and-reward industry where sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose, but it is up to you how smartly you can benefit from this space.

Let’s begin…

First of all, you have to find out which projects are ideal for you and make a list of these NFT projects to do your own research and find out more about the Project.

Check for All the Official Links
Check for How Many Calendars they have been listed in
Check Official Website
Check Official Twitter
Check Official Discord
Check it on Other Various Social Media


 conduct in depth research about any nft project

Check for All the Official Links:

You have to check out all the official links of the NFT project and write it down somewhere to avoid any fake accounts and links.

All the NFT projects must have Twitter and Discord URLs which helps them to manage their community and clear all the doubts of their community.

You have to find three official links of the project website, Twitter, and discord, so you can easily get more information about the NFT project.

Check for How Many Calendars they have been listed in:

Now, you have to check out all the NFT calendar platforms and whether that NFT project is listed on the calendars.

Go to several NFT calendars like upcomingnft, nftcalendar, next drop, mintyscore, etc., to find out whether that Project is listed or not.

You can go to these platforms and search for the Project and then write down how many calendars have listed that NFT project.

Check the Official Website:

You have to check the official website of that NFT project, where you will get about info, sneak peek of the artwork, roadmap, utilities, faq, etc.

You have to read the whole website and figure out whether what that Project is saying on its official website is actually making sense or not.

If there is the name of their team members with LinkedIn/Twitter profiles, I suggest you better save it and connect with them to find out more about the Project or in case of fraudulent activities.

Check the Official Twitter:

Go to the official Twitter account of the Project and check out what tweets they’ve uploaded recently and their engagement ratio on Twitter.

Ask them questions in Dm about the Project, see how they respond to your queries, and figure out whether it is genuine by asking the right questions.

You have to check their twitter profile and the community they are building on twitter in order to understand more about the Project.

Check out the Official Discord:

You have to check the official discord of the NFT Project and learn what their community is talking about about it and how many dedicated discord servers the NFT Project has.

Discord helps a lot of NFT projects to keep engaging with the community and host talk shows to easily manage and deliver the best.

You can easily figure out whether the NFT project is dedicated toward their community or not and you can tell that project is worth a shot.

Check it on Other Various Social Media:

Now, you have to check that NFT project on various other social media platforms like youtube, Instagram, quora, Linkedin, etc.
Check the project on other social platforms and what other people say about the NFT project to understand whether it is worth a shot.

Use hashtags on social networks to get to know what the NFT community is thinking about the project and understand the purpose of making your own opinion.