So many NFT projects are coming into the market, but it is quite difficult to find genuine quality NFT projects from the NFT market space.

So many people are in the market contributing to the NFT market space to make it a better place for everyone to learn, earn and grow.

NFT space is getting much exposure from people and accepting NFT technology globally.

From 2017 to 2021, the NFT space ruled the fintech digital market, where people made tonnes of money with the help of NFTs.

But with this growing NFT market, we noticed a lot of scams, rugpulls, wash trading, fraudulent activities, etc. And people started suspecting all the NFT projects, which is good for the overall growth of the NFT market space.

Because this way, all the suspicious projects will disappear, and only genuine ones will stay at the top to deliver what the NFT community wants.

In this article, let’s learn how to find genuine NFT projects from the NFT world to manage a strong portfolio.

How to Find Genuine NFT Projects from the NFT World?

You can find NFT projects from different types of NFT platforms that are constantly working to make this space a better place for the whole NFT community.

Places to Find NFT Projects:

1. NFT Calendars
2. NFT Marketplaces
3. NFT Tools
4. NFT News

NFT Projects

NFT non-fungible token text with light rays coming out

1. NFT calendars:

There are plenty of NFT calendars, such as,,, nftevening, etc. that gives you all the NFT project’s details calendar-wise to never miss out any updates of any popular NFT projects.

2. NFT Marketplaces:

NFT marketplaces like,,, Niftygateway, etc., are the best NFT marketplace that will help you to learn about top NFT collections in the NFT market space.

3. NFT Tools:

There are amazing NFT tools like,,,,, etc, where you can find NFT projects that are currently being minted by the NFT community.

4. NFT News:

Plenty of NFT news websites will showcase new popular NFT projects in their articles. You can find new NFT projects from news websites such as,,, etc.

How to ensure that the NFT project is Genuine?

1. Check out Social Media
2. Check out Roadmap
3. Observe if their content matches their actions
4. Check out the Team of that NFT project
5. Watch out for the floor price during the launch
6. Observe what others are talking about that NFT project

1. Check out Social Media:

A good NFT project will have all their social media accounts optimized with relevant information for the NFT community.

A strong social media presence of the NFT project is a good sign that indicates that the project cares about its investors.

You need to observe how often the NFT projects show up on their social media and what kind of stuff they are posting to get exposure from the online market.

2. Check out Roadmap:

You need to check out the whole roadmap of the NFT project and how it helps your portfolio get stronger.

Once you get to learn all about the roadmap, analyze and understand how your NFT project will benefit you with your investment.

Once you understand that the project you are investing in has a clear vision for the future, it is a good sign of a quality NFT project.

3. Observe if their content matches their actions:

Now, you need to check whether their action matches all the content they’ve posted on social media and websites. If it matches their action, then that is a good sign; otherwise, it is suspicious.

When the NFT project is doing all they’ve promised to its community, it is a good sign that the NFT project has a clear vision for its future.

This way, you can understand whether the project is worth your investment.

4. Check out the Team of that NFT project:

Check out the Team behind the NFT project and their profiles to judge the project and ensure it is worth investing.

The minds behind the project can tell more about the project than the project itself has to say, so check out their social media profile and analyze it.

It is a good sign if the project has passionate and dedicated minds working on it.

5. Watch out for the floor price during the launch:

You need to watch out for the floor price during the launch to ensure that the project is not doing any wash trading with secondary wallets.

Once you learn that the project is getting genuine investors and people are reacting well to it, you can go for it to invest in it.
This way, you can actually learn more about the project you are investing in.

6. Observe what others are talking about that NFT project:

You need to pay attention to what others are saying about that particular NFT project and how much hype there is.

Also, you need to learn about how that project’s NFT community supports the project to observe and analyze the whole project.