There are plenty of writers and publications on Medium, which makes it difficult for aspiring writers to attract more traffic to their Medium profile.

Medium is a great platform to start your writing career and build an amazing audience via Medium if you want to make it big as a writer.

There are so many great writers on Medium; if you are not providing quality articles on your blog posts and not giving enough value to your medium profile by publishing quality blog posts, your medium profile is going to be ghosted.

By providing value and quality in your medium blog posts, you can easily make your medium profile appear shiny and attract more readers from the platform.

Here in this article, let’s understand how you can attract more traffic to your blog post with the assistance of your quality blog posts and an attractive medium profile.

8 Tips to attract more traffic on your Medium Profile:

Your medium profile will help you understand the writing process’s basics, attract the audience, and enhance your writing skills.

1. Optimize your Medium Profile
2. Write Catchy Headlines
3. Stick to the One Writing Style
4. Write Quality and Informative Blog Posts
5. Edit your Blog Post
6. Share your blog on Social Networks
7. Write for Other Publications
8. Interlink your Other Articles

how can i attract more traffic on my medium profile explained

1. Optimize your Medium Profile:

You need to optimize your medium profile by adding an amazing profile and writing a short descriptive bio about yourself or about your business, if it’s a business profile.

You can also change the theme of your Medium according to your preferences to make your medium profile appear more professional and attractive.

You can also connect your medium account with your Twitter account and tweet those quotes you’ve added to your blog posts.
This way, your medium profile will appear professional in the market, and you can attract more readers.

2. Write Catchy Headlines:

Attracting readers would be more challenging without writing perfect catchy headlines in your medium blog posts.

Do attract readers by writing catchy and attractive headlines but never write those clickbait headlines to get readers; it will harm your reputation on the medium platform.

Use emotional words and powerful words in your headline, and make sure that your headline appears catchy and attractive to the readers.

3. Stick to the One Writing Style:

You need to stick to one writing style to make your users get used to it and make them stick around with you by providing quality content with easy to understand writing style.

It makes no sense if your writing style isn’t something that can reach your reader’s mind and make a positive impact, so make sure you write in a way that everyone can understand.

The more simple and easy your writing style is, the more readers you are going to get with the help of your easy-to-read content for readers.

4. Write Quality and Informative Blog Posts:

You need to write quality and informative blog posts that can provide value to your readers and impress new unique visitors on your medium profile.

By writing a quality blog post full of value, you can get unique visitor day by day and make your medium profile grow further easily.

You can also include relevant data, images, infographics, and videos to ensure that your medium profile gets a good amount of views.

5. Edit your Blog Post:

You need to improvise your blog post in editing by checking for spelling and grammar mistakes and adding H1, h2, and h3 tags as well.

You must highlight those important points and add quotes and key takeaways to make your blog post seem more interesting.

You need to edit your blog post without mercy and remove all irrelevant stuff from your blog post to make it more relevant and on point for your readers.

This way, you can easily attract more traffic and get more followers to your medium profile.

6. Share your blog on Social Networks:

You need to share your blog post on other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, quora, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. to get more views and engagement.

By sharing your blog on other social network sites, you can easily attract a good amount of readers to your medium profile.

You need to make sure that you are sharing the blog post on other social network sites with a hook and call to action to drive amazing traffic on your medium profile.

This way, you can easily get a good amount of traffic to your blog post and attract the relevant audience on your medium profile.

7. Write for Other Publications:

There are many writing publications on Medium with a huge number of followers, which helps your medium profile get more exposure if you write for them.

By writing for all these medium publications, you can make your business get a good amount of traffic and increase the followers of your medium profile.

You can approach to become a writer for these publications and write down for your niche publication to attract relevant traffic to your medium profile.

8. Interlink your Other Articles:

Interlinking makes your medium profile get more visits and increases the views of all those old blog posts, which is why it is best practice for your medium profile.

By interlinking your medium blog post to one another on relevant anchor text, you can also increase the chances of your blog posts appearing on the first page of search engine result pages.

This way, you can easily attract a good amount of relevant traffic to your medium profile.