A social stigma is associated with freelance writing that you need to have the experience to become a freelance writer, which isn’t true; you can become a freelance writer without any experience.

If you are passionate about writing and want to become a freelance writer, you just have to start practicing writing and approaching the people who matter in your industry.

Start writing first to make your skills more professional and creative to attract clients to your writing.

If you have that passion and skills for writing, you can become a content writer without any experience by just writing daily and competing with people.

Here in this article, let’s learn how to become a freelance content writer without experience.

Steps to Become a Content Writer:

1. Start Writing Quality Content
2. Create a Free account on a Blogging Platform
3. Upload your Content on Social Media
4. Find the Write for Us Platforms and Get a link to Your Linkedin Profile
5. Build your Portfolio
6. Hit Cold Emails and Find Clients
7. Deliver your Best and Get More Clients and Work

become a freelance content writer without any experience

1. Start Writing Valuable Content:

You have to start writing quality content that provides valuable information to your readers.

Write at least more than ten articles to upload to your blogging account so that your profile looks more promising and attractive to the readers.

Put your 100% effort into your writing piece to make it appear more attractive and informative piece.

Your writing piece will help you get recognized in your industry, so make sure you make every piece unique, informative, and valuable.

The more value you provide in your article, the more valuable you will become in your field and get more recognization and appreciation.

2. Create a Free account on a Blogging Platform:

Now, you need to create a free account on the blogging platform to publish all your written quality piece article on the platform.

There are several free blogging platforms like medium, blogger, Wix, WordPress, LinkedIn, etc., where you can create your blogging account for free and get more exposure from the writing community.

You can choose one platform and start publishing your content to get more relevant traffic and recognition in the writing field.

You have to regularly publish quality content on your blogging platform to grow and make a good amount of money from it with ease.

3. Upload your Content on Social Media:

After publishing your content on a blogging platform, create a social media account and share valuable information to get more traffic and followers from your industry.

You have to constantly provide unique and valuable information on your social media profile so that you can get more engagement and traffic from your social media networks.

Increasing your social media network will help you create a good writing community and increase the traffic on your blogs.

Make sure you post quality content on your social media networks with more value, and people usually like to watch your feed, which will help you grow your followers.

4. Find the Write for Us Platform and Get a link to Your Linkedin Profile:

Now, you must find “write for us” platforms on the web and write some articles over there to create your portfolio.

Go to the search engine and search “Free Write for us blogs,” and you will find plenty of free platforms that will insert your blog link or LinkedIn profile link and give you an author bio, which helps you get recognized in the industry.

Pitch these platforms with email, write suitable articles for their platform, and get valuable links in return.

Write at least 7-8 blogs on different platforms to make an attractive portfolio as a content writer.

5. Build your Portfolio:

Now, it’s time for you to build your portfolio, which you can build through the Gmail sites option, and make your portfolio spear professional in front of others.

Insert all your “write for us” article links and give all your social network buttons in your portfolio to make it appear more promising.

Also, write about yourself and your vision as a writer to make yourself appear as a promising freelance content writer in the industry.

6. Hit Cold Emails and Find Clients:

Now, it’s time to find clients from your niche; find top websites and platforms from the web and hit them with cold emails to get freelancing work.

Hit that cold emails and find big clients that will help you earn more from your freelance writing skills and get more recognized in your niche.

You have to send 20 emails daily to find good clients, and you will end up finding 5-7 ideal clients that will help you earn a good amount of money from your freelance business.

7. Deliver your Best and Get More Clients and Work:

Now, this is not talked about enough, but as a writer, you have to start working for your clients and deliver the best so the client can trust you and give you another task or work.

But if you keep messing up with client work, there’s a huge possibility he will leave you on read and find another freelance content writer.

So no matter what, always provide quality content, whether it is your personal work or it is the work for your client.
Once you understand the value of quality, you will become your niche’s highest-paid freelance writer.