Sometimes we all have encountered difficult times that lead us to suicidal thoughts, but we struggle to overcome suicidal thoughts, but fighting against suicidal thoughts is not as easy as we think.

No matter how many difficulties you have in your life but fighting against it will make you stronger and a better person as an individual.

Suicidal ideas are difficult to deal with and comprehend. They can be transient, but they can also be intense cravings and dreams that promise a respite from what appears to be intolerable suffering.

Every suicidal thought must also be taken seriously – the sooner you can address it, the better. Even if you believe you won’t act ever on them.

While it can be difficult to remain hopeful, suicidal thinking can be overcome.

People are not talking their hearts out. People believe that if they share their problems with someone, others will judge them.

Not sharing your problems may lead you to heavy stress and depression. If you ever feel low, it is ok to share your problems with your friends or family.

The person who knows you better will guide you in a better way to overcome suicidal thoughts.

And here I am also going to help you to overcome suicidal thoughts. Keep reading this post, and if you get a better result, please help the people around you that you think have facing difficulties like stress, depression, or suicidal thoughts.



Remembering the time I was facing the same problem as you at that time, my morale was down. I don’t have a job. My girlfriend dumped me. I was feeling stressed and depressed. And sometimes, I even have thoughts to kill myself, how I overcome suicidal thoughts, and what helps me overcome suicidal thoughts.

4 Tips To Overcome Suicidal Thoughts:

1. Sharing The Problems With Others(trusted ones):

Sharing the problem with other individuals you trust will help you understand life and overcome suicidal thoughts. When I shared my problem with my mom about my girlfriend, she told me something that I had felt deeply.

My mom told me that “Everyone in your life will have the last day with you, and you don’t even know when it will be” these words from my mom literally touched my heart.

Knowing that I don’t have a job anymore, my father told me it is not about you not having a job anymore, but it is about how you choose yourself to rise as a better individual and learn from this phase of your life.

So sharing your problems will help you, and you will get better advice from others that will help you deal with stress and depression.
You can share your problems with your friends as well, whom you trust the most.

2. Look Out For The Solutions:

Make a list of the pain and difficulties you are suffering from, and look out for its solutions. The problems you face might be about your relationship, family problems, job problems, money problems, etc.

The relationship is something that will cause so much internal damage to the individual. So learn to move on and let go; this will help you overcome the stress and depression you are dealing with.

Family problems are something that we all have to encounter daily; talking about it with your family and understanding each other will help you to solve your family problems.

Make yourself a master at whatever you are doing so unemployment will not affect you. Choose the job you love.
If you are facing a money problem, find a way to make more money, please add more than one source to make money, and you will get your result.

If you have any other problem except this lookout for the solution, you are more than strong than you think you are. Give your best to fight against stress and depression take care of your mental health.

3. Think of Reasons For Living:

Most people think about suicide, but they don’t always want to die because they want to escape the pain.
It’s easy to focus on things that are negative and upsetting in your life when you feel low. It makes suicide the only option easy to think about. Start to think about specific reasons for your life.

Many people, for instance, have relations with loved ones, animals, religion, goals, and dreams, or obligations towards people in their lives that give them reasons to live and prevent them from acting on their suicidal thoughts.
Think about all the reasons for your life. Just write them down. Remember them when you feel low.

4. Look Beyond Thoughts of Suicide:

The desperate feeling of suicide may be the side effect of a challenging situation or a disease that may be treated. This emotion can overpower you to believe that taking your own life is the only option. This emotion can overweight your assessment.

Recognize that these feelings are temporary, and you can learn to feel better about life with proper treatment. Requesting support from others can help you see other options and give you hope for the future.

Make a list of why you must live. This list may include living for your pet, kids, a favorite niece, or something you like doing at work or home. It does not matter what the list contains, but it can change to find a sense of purpose in your life.

You can learn how to manage or eliminate suicidal thinking and develop a better life by getting proper treatment and effectively coping with them.