In this competitive digital era, many blogs and articles rank at the top of search engines that give readers unique value with quality content.

But many blogs don’t seem to figure out why they are not ranking higher in the search engine because they are not paying full attention to their blog.

As content writers, we make a lot of mistakes while writing without recognizing them because it is a challenging job that needs focus, awareness, creativity, etc., to write quality content that attracts your readers.

Only focusing on writing quality blog posts, sometimes we as a writer make simple mistakes in a blog post that we can not see until we hit that publish button, so it is better to proofread the whole content two or three times to avoid these mistakes.

Here in this article, let’s learn about simple mistakes in a blog post you don’t know you are making while writing your blog post.

10 Simple Mistakes in a Blog Post You Don’t Know you are Making While Writing:

1. Unintentional Plagiarism
2. Keyword Stuffing
3. Grammar Spell Mistakes
4. Writing irrelevant stuff
5. Not cross-checking your Research
6. Not creating infographics
7. Not Analyzing the Content
8. Not writing the Conclusion
9. Adding Focus Keyword without Research
10. Not adding LSI keywords

Simple Mistakes in a Blog post

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1. Unintentional Plagiarism:

To write informative content that provides value to the readers, you need to do a lot of Research and read a lot of content from various other websites and blogs to write a quality blog post, so sometimes you end up plagiarizing unintentional content.

But your unintentional plagiarism affects your blog post, which is why it is important to check the plagiarism of your blog post and make it a quality blog post with uniqueness.

You need to ensure that your whole content has zero plagiarism issues and is 100% unique to publish.

2. Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is one of the most common problems encountered while writing a blog post, so you need to ensure that your blog post doesn’t have stuffed keywords in it because it is bad for your reader’s experience and search engine.

Most people try to stuff keyword thinking that will help them rank higher in the search engine, but that is definitely not the case. You need to add keywords in your blog post with the flow, avoiding keyword stuffing.

Tip: The Ideal way to add your focus keyword in a blog post is to add a keyword after every 100-120 words in your blog post.

3. Grammar Spell Mistakes:

Grammar and spelling mistakes often make your blog post quality look poor and clumsy, so you must ensure that your blog content has no grammar or spelling mistakes because good grammar is attractive to the readers.

Your perfectly written blog with good grammar and spelling will impress your readers to read more quality content from your blog posts.

Make sure you provide quality blog posts that have good grammar and which is error-free content.

4. Writing irrelevant stuff:

Sometimes writers add irrelevant stuff to the blog post, making it appear out of context to the readers, and they lose interest in your post.

You need to write relevant content to make your readers get the information they are looking for, but when you add irrelevant stuff to your blog post, it compromises the quality of your blog post.

Staying relevant and delivering an on-point message in your blog post will make it easier for your blog to get a lot of attention from readers.

5. Not cross-checking your Research:

Not cross-checking facts, figures, and data will make your content appear outdated to the readers, so you need to find out current facts, figures, and data to make your blog post more attractive and get more exposure.

You need to cross-check your content, figure out whether it is updated and correct, and do the editing accordingly to impress the readers.

This way, you can create a good reputation for your blogs in the online market.

6. Not creating infographics:

You need to create infographics that make all the difference in the reader’s mind because, in today’s fast-forward generation, people want to get information within seconds, and infographic does the same.

Creating infographics will help you get a good amount of traffic and attention from the readers and attract them to rely on your blog post for more information.

Your quality infographics will easily attract readers and give your blog a lot of exposure from the online market.

7. Not Analyzing the Content:

You need to analyze your content and figure out that your content is providing value with quality and giving leaves your readers with some good knowledge.

Do analyze your content and figure out whether your content is impressing your readers and how you can make your content more powerful and attract the readers.

By analyzing your content, you will understand what works and doesn’t in your blog so you can act accordingly.

8. Not writing the Conclusion:

Conclusion makes your readers think that your blog is a market leader and provides good value to the audience with quality content.

No matter how impressive the content you have written in the blog post, adding a conclusion to inspire your readers will help you get more exposure from the online market.

This way, you can easily make your content get credibility and recognization from the audience.

9. Adding Focus Keyword without Research:

You need to conduct keyword research to find ideal keywords that might work for your blog and assist you in ranking higher on the search engine result pages.

By getting a lot of relevant keywords from your keyword research now, you’ve to select a focus keyword and add that keyword in your content with the natural flow of words to rank higher organically into the search engine result pages.

This way, you can rank your blog post higher and get good exposure from the readers.

10. Not adding LSI keywords:

By doing keyword research, you’ve already found your LSI keywords will assist your blog to rank higher if included in your content organically so that your blog can rank higher in the search engine.

You need to add LSI keywords to your blog to make your blog get easily indexed and rank higher on the search engines and attract relevant readers.


I hope this blog post will help you understand the common mistakes you are making while writing your blog post and enhance your blog post writing technique to rank higher on the search engine.