Every girl has some secrets that they will never share with anyone; no matter what, they only share their secrets when they can fully trust the other person.

Starting from family, boyfriend, date, sex, and makeup kit. You must wonder what are secrets that girls won’t want to share are with others.

Well, we are going to talk about some of the secrets that girls do not want to share with anyone. Girls are always possessive about their personal issues, things, and even about personal accessories.

Top 10 Secrets of Girls that they Never Share with Anyone:

Girls are masters to hide things, and they wouldn’t like to share their secrets with anyone. They always try to hide things and their secrets. Here we will talk about what are the common secrets of girls that they do not want to share with others.


1. Makeup Kit:

Sometimes you may wonder how she manages to look so pretty all day long. It is evident with the makeup kits. They will not share anything about their makeup kit and always love to hide things. Makeup kits are a thing that girls want with them whenever they are out. And with the help of a makeup kit, they are able to manage their beauty.

2. About her Past Ex:

Girls will never share anything about their past boyfriend with anyone. They want to keep it secret and don’t want to share it with anyone until they find the right one. girls who have failed relationships would like to keep this secret and do not want to share anything with anyone.

They will keep this a secret no matter, even if you ask about this. If she does not feel comfortable, she is not going to tell you or anyone about his past ex.

3. That Time of The Month:

Periods are something that girls will feel uncomfortable sharing with anyone. So they keep it a secret. They do not want to share this with anyone no matter if you are going to ask her or not she will not share her period’s details with you.

In some cases, if the girl trusts the other, it might be possible that she share her periods’ details. But if the girl is not sure about the other person, she will not share her period’s details. She would like to keep this a secret.

4. Personal Life Talks:

Girls will never share their personal problems with anyone. They like to keep their personal issues a secret. Personal life issues are something that every girl feels uncomfortable sharing with anyone.

Girls will never share their personal issues and personal problems because they are not sure about what the other person will react after listening to her personal issues.

5. When Another Guy Hits On Her:

If she is in a relationship and another guy hits on her, she is not going to share this with anyone, not even with her boyfriend, because every girl likes when another guy hits on them. She never shares these actions with her boyfriend. Every girl in this world likes to get the attention of boys.

It is something that every girl wants in their fantasy dream.

6. Checking Out Guys:

It is a well-known fact that girls are attracted to guys they find cute, hot, or attractive. It’s so well-hidden that even the concerned man is unaware of what’s being said about him.

Apart from that, a girl also stalks her crush and keeps track of everything he does. Girls do check out other guys they found attractive.

7. Shaving Only Required Part:

Girls also do have hair on their bodies like the boys, but they do maintain shaving. Females also have a certain amount of facial hair that they shave to wear short clothing; however, they shave the hair down to the knee if they need to wear a knee-length garment. But they won’t tell you.

Girls will shave only the required part of their body in order to wear short dresses.

8. Crushes:

You can bet that any college girl who has a crush on the “most popular guy” in your school will not want anyone to find out. There are ego issues at play here.

Most likely, this is the number one reason why a female will never propose to a man. As a child, she had a crush on a Hollywood or Bollywood star or a cartoon figure. She doesn’t want to tell anyone about her crushes.

9. Age:

This is what you observed, and you are accurate. Girls don’t want to reveal their age to anyone, including their parents. To the grave, they keep it a secret. No matter if it’s your best friend, sibling, or girlfriend, they’d never tell you their real age, to begin with.

Age is a key to unlocking a person’s life. You can come up with a concept regarding her personal life, her successes, and her disappointments. They never tell people their age.

10. Weight:

Men and women, according to a new study, are reluctant to divulge their height and weight. In most situations, girls are either overweight or underweight, which creates an issue.

An overweight female is assumed to eat a lot or be indolent, whereas a malnourished girl is assumed to be unwell. So, girls are reluctant to share their weight with others.


All of these secrets are those that girls don’t like to share with anyone. They will do everything to hide their secrets from others. You may think that why girls always want to hide these kinds of things? The right answer to this question is because they do not want to hurt themselves by sharing their personal problems.