Package acceptance pending issue on USPS tracking page status is making trouble for the people of the united states why it is happening all you need to know about package acceptance pending know here.

The united states postal service is a self-sufficient agency run by the US and federal government. It is also known as USPS.

In all the countries – including all states, cities, and towns – the postal service operates at 161.4 million addresses.
Everyone in the United States and its region has access, irrespective of where they live; It costs the same for a First-Class postal stamp as it does for postal products and services.

USPS is also known as US mail which has over 496000 employees in 2020. It is a United States government-run autonomous agency.

The majority of US people are facing the Package acceptance pending issue right now, which is the biggest blunder by USPS the people of the united states think.

This is the biggest concern among the US people that why they are getting “Shipment received, Package acceptance pending” message.


Let me show it clear and simple for all of you guys in this article why the USPS is showing this message on your board. USPS shipment service is a significant service agency providing you postal services all across the united states.

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United States Postal Service Package Acceptance Pending(USPS) Issue:

Package acceptance pending,

When you see the “shipment received, Package acceptance pending” message on your tracking page system, it means the USPS window clerk accepts your package from the shipper/seller. Still, it hasn’t arrived at the USPS sorting facility.

Commonly, the shipper/seller transfer large shipments of individuals to the USPS. So it takes time for USPS to scan all the mails/parcels, which contains around 50.

The large shipment parcel gets scanned in time, but the individual mails/parcels need a significant amount of time to be scanned. Employees do not scan individual mails and deliver them to sorting facilities.

When your mails/parcels complete the scanning process, your parcel will reach the Sectional center facility (SCF), the distribution processing center.

In case of the USPS is not received the parcel from your seller/shipper, you would get “USPS free Shipment: Shipping Label Created, USPS awaiting Item.” On your USPS tracking page.

The Solution to the Problem:

It is common to get a “package acceptance pending” message on your tracking page for up to 48 hours. Because it takes a particular amount of time to scan your parcel and transfer it to the sorting facility, it takes more time in the festival season as well.

In case of the message is showing beyond two days, then you must have to contact USPS customer service in order to know where actually your package is.
Well, you can contact USPS customer care here.

USPS Customer care Numbers:

USPS Customer Care: 1-800-522-9085
For Technical Support: 1-800-344-7779
For inquiries: 1-800-275-8777
International inquiries: 1-800-222-1811
For large quantities of stamps: 1-800-782-6724
TTD/TTY relay number: 1-800-877-8339
All of these phone numbers work during these hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM
On Saturday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

In order to talk to USPS customer representative, follow the steps below:

– Call on 1-800-275-8777
– Enter zip code and confirm
– say No to the privacy policy
– wait until the voice starts giving you the options
– Say “carrier”
– Now, the call will be connected to the USPS customer representative

Customer care email id: [email protected]
For large quantities of stamps: [email protected]
your email will get a reply in few working days.

To track your package:

Follow the things below while sending or receiving products via USPS:

– When mailing breakable items via the USPS, you should take great caution. Don’t ship with it breakable things.
– The correct address must be indicated with a landmark, correct zip code, and cellphone number.
– Do not send via courier services pricey or original and significant papers.
– Correctly pack your goods to prevent damages.
– At the last minute, don’t be eager to send the messengers. In advance send the goods.
– Don’t give the job address; share your own address.

Meaning of the “package acceptance pending “:

This notice is most likely displayed on the USPS tracking page. It indicates that the product’s seller printed a label on the USPS website and delivered the item to a post office. However, the package has not yet entered the USPS’s initial sorting facility.

As soon as the package completes the scanning, it would arrive at the sorting facility; you will receive further information about it. During the shipping process, the time and route for your package are determined.
This is the process of sorting


USPS is the most widespread and trusted service amongst the people of the united states. It may sometimes happen that you get your mail/parcel a little late than usual in the process of scanning and sorting facilities. You just have to trust the process and follow up with the USPS in order to get your delivery at the right time.