Want to know how to grow your youtube channel? And make your content appear on the first page of the search results on youtube.

As a content creator, you also want to grow your youtube channel and get more views and subscribers for your youtube channel, but the challenges you encounter are more complicated.

The audience of youtube always values quality content that is informative and gives them proper guidance about anything.

Also, it is easier for entertaining content creators to find their ideal audience since everyone loves to enjoy entertainment content.

If you are providing good quality entertaining videos, you can easily grow your youtube channel.

12 Best Ways to Grow your Youtube Channel:

Quality content helps you to grow your youtube channel, but it isn’t enough to reach your target audience because there are other competitors making videos and doing video over marketing to grow on the platform, which is why I am going to give you 12 amazing tips to help you grow on youtube.

Learn how to grow your youtube channel for free in 2022 with this article.

1. Do Keyword Research for Your Youtube Video
2. Create a Video Around that one Particular Keyword
3. Use Attractive Intro and Outro
4. Make a Quality Youtube Video
5. Do Video Over Marketing
6. Write Engaging and Catchy Titles
7. Know your Audience and What they Want
8. Customize Youtube Thumbnails
9. Cross-promote your own Videos on youtube
10. Target Google Search Results
11. Run Contest or Giveaways
12. Organize your youtube Content


1. Do Keyword Research for Your Youtube Video:

Do your own keyword research before making a video for your youtube channel. Figure out the audience searches and what they want from the videos. Now research those keywords and figure out the ideal keywords to make the video. To rank your videos, you have to conduct good keyword research and find out the ideal keyword for your youtube video.

Suppose you want to create a good youtube video that appears on the search result pages on youtube. In that case, you have to do proper keyword research and figure out which keyword will help you make the awesome video and have the potential to appear on the search result pages.

2. Create a Video Around that one Particular Keyword:

After doing Keyword research, Now you have your ideal key, so make your video around that particular keyword. Your particular keyword will help your video appear on the search result pages. So make your video well optimized by the particular keyword you want to rank for it.

Make correct use of the keyword you are targeting in your video to appear on the search result pages.

Using specific ideal keywords in your videos will help you to easily appear on search result pages.

3. Use attractive intro and outro:

Use stunning intro and outro in your video to make it appear awesome to watch the audience. The intro makes your channel’s identity, and it helps you build credibility amongst the viewers.

Make awesome intros to engage the users easily and give them a reason to watch your videos. In the end, use the outro and promote the existing content of your youtube channel in the outro.

Also, match the theme of your intro, outro, and main video to better optimize the content of your youtube video.

4. Make a Quality Youtube Video:

Make a Quality youtube video that makes your content more unique and creative to watch for the audience. More amazing the content you will provide to the audience, the more views you are going to get for your youtube video.

Make sure you have the best equipment that is needed to make a quality optimized video and provide value to the content you are giving to the audience.

This is why it is important to have equipment that helps you make a quality video for your youtube channel.

5. Do Video Over Marketing:

Do video over marketing; use your videos to promote your youtube channel share them on other platforms where it sounds relevant such as Quora, Facebook, Medium, WordPress, Instagram, etc.

Promote your videos with engaging titles and descriptions so that users easily get attracted to click on them and make that video appealing so that users will subscribe to your channel. Make your video sound more engaging and appealing to attract a new audience.

6. Write Engaging and Catchy Headlines:

Write Engaging and catchy titles that make the audience click on your video and see the whole video. The audience will see every video on your youtube channel if it has a good and appealing headline that attracts the viewers.

The more engaging and catchy the headline is, the more chances your video to get clicks and be seen by the audience.

7. Know your Audience and What they want:

Figure out what type of audience is watching your content and what they expect from your youtube channel and your youtube videos. After figuring out the whole audience stat and comments, decide what the majority of the audience want from your videos and provide them with what they need to better optimize your youtube channel.

Encourage your audience to subscribe to your youtube channel and experience the more amazing content from your videos.

8. Customize Youtube Thumbnails:

Make amazing quality youtube thumbnails that attract the audience to click on your video. Figure out the way to make your content more engaging and unique for the viewers. Create thumbnails with photo-editing apps to create more quality and make it appear more engaging and appealing to your competitors.

Analyze other YouTuber’s thumbnails and why they rank on search result pages to make you appear on the youtube search easily.

9. Cross-promote your own Videos on youtube:

Cross-promote your own existing videos on youtube to grow your youtube channel more effectively. Give the links to your other videos on the video description and outro. Give the audience relevant links to other videos and recommend those videos to better get more views for your youtube videos.

Help your audience with the best content you have on your channel to get interested in your content.

10. Target Google Search Results:

Google search results will help you to figure out what type of video content ranks on the google search engine. Now make the videos around that keywords to rank your videos on the google search engine. Do your own google keyword research for the google search ranking with keyword finder, Ahrefs youtube SEO tool to easily rank your videos on the search engine.

Google search results are also an effective strategy to get a good amount of views for your youtube channel.

11. Run Contest or Giveaways:

Run a Contest or Giveaways to engage viewers on your youtube channel that will helps your youtube channel to grow further. Give awesome prices in your contest and giveaways, encouraging your viewers to subscribe to your videos.

Ask viewers to like, follow and subscribe to your youtube channel and social media handles to get more subscriptions and successfully host contests and giveaways.

12. Organize your Youtube Content:

Organize your youtube video content for the viewers in order so that viewers can peacefully enjoy your youtube content. Name the video in order, such as episodes 1, 2, 3… Give the series name in your videos and create a playlist in your youtube video channel to optimize your youtube channel better.

Organize and Optimize the content on your youtube channel to get more views and grow further in your youtube journey.