If you are one of the youtube creators but struggling to get any success with making videos on youtube and that makes your morale down, then don’t worry, I am going to share some tips, tactics, and tricks to make your youtube channel grow.

The problem with the new creators today is that they want quick success, and youtube isn’t something that will give you quick success, unlike if you are famous already. Also, you have to make quality videos to survive in the market, or else you won’t get any further growth.

“Slow Progress is Better than No Progress”

Remember that the small efforts you are making today to make a quality video will help you in the near future to attract more viewers to your youtube channel.

You have to stand out differently from the other video creators so that you can easily attract the viewers to watch your videos and grow your youtube channel further.

Let’s Learn How to Grow a Youtube Channel in 2022:

1. Do your Keyword Research
2. Make Videos around one particular Keyword
3. Optimize your Youtube Videos
4. Make Quality Content Videos
5. Write Youtube SEO Optimized Video Description
6. Choose the Correct time to upload your video
7. Make a Schedule for your youtube channel



1. Do your Keyword Research:

Keyword Research is an important part of initiating the process of making your youtube video; it’s the first step where you have to be precise in order to optimize your video. Keyword research is the important part that helps easily make your youtube channel grow.

Use youtube keyword research tools to find out potential keywords for your youtube video and figure out the ideal keyword to make the video for your youtube channel.

Figure out the keyword that works on youtube according to the youtube search box and gather long-tail keywords to make amazing videos for your youtube channel.

With the help of the youtube search box, you can easily make figure out what the viewers want and the behavior of viewers on youtube.

2. Make Videos Around one Specific Keyword:

After doing the keyword research, figure out the ideal keyword for your youtube video and create the video content around that keyword, so it makes it easy for you to optimize your video as per youtube algorithms.

If you don’t have any idea how to make a video around one specific keyword, then use the trick of journalists strategy 5 Ws and 1H where 5 Ws include What, when, why, where, who, and 1 H means How

Now let’s suppose the ideal keyword that works for my youtube channel is “Keyword Research,” so now I will cover these points in my youtube video.

1. What is Keyword Research?
2. When it comes into the scene?
3. Why is Keyword Research Important?
4. Who does Keyword research?
5. Where can Keyword Research help your business?
6. How to do Keyword Research?

This is how you can make quality video content around specific keywords that may help you achieve your goals with your youtube channel.

3. Optimize your Youtube Videos:

Now it’s time to optimize your youtube video to make it user-friendly and worth watching for the viewers. Make sure you have created a good video, edited the video, and made necessary changes in the video so that you can make a quality youtube video.

Make the necessary changes in the video to ensure that your video has the highest quality and attractive thumbnails, making it appear one of the great pieces to watch for the viewers.

You have to give your 100% in every video of yours because each video will bring one or more unique visitors to your youtube channel, so the more good content will help you gain more subscribers for your youtube channel.

“The more user-friendly and quality content you will provide, the higher the chances of your channel to grow further with ease.”

4. Make Quality Content Videos:

Make sure you are making quality content videos that help the viewers; if your content doesn’t lead anywhere or does not provide any value to the viewers, you can not make progress because, with quality videos, you can easily make more progress and growth easily.

Anything with good quality and purpose will help your channel grow further easily and helps the viewers with quality content.
Provide quality content, figure out what users want from you, and provide them with a good quality video. If you have good and quality content in your video, that will easily attract new viewers to visit your channel and watch more of your content to create good youtube videos with ease.

5. Write Youtube SEO Optimized Video Description:

Writing youtube SEO Optimized Meta description will help to get more views since youtube algorithms help to rank SEO optimized videos to rank higher on the google search engines, and it easily ranks on the youtube search results for the specific keyword as per SEO optimization.

To write a Youtube SEO Optimized video description, you must write attractive and catchy headlines.
Learn to write SEO Optimized Youtube Video Description…

– Include Keyword in your Headline and Add Relevant Hashtags
– Include the keyword in the first two lines of your video description
– Include relevant hashtags on your youtube video description
– Proofread and edit your video description to make necessary changes

6. Choose the Correct Time to Upload your Video:

On youtube, 60% of people watch the videos in the evening or night, so uploading according to that time will be great if you are just starting out or if you have the viewer’s analytics, then figure out the behavior of your audience.

Find out what time is the best where viewers spend more time watching your youtube videos and upload according to that time to get better engagement from the users.

Uploading at a specific time will help your video reach the audience and make it more engaging and user-friendly for the audience.

7. Make a Schedule for your Youtube Channel:

To get better and enhance the performance of your videos and youtube channel, make a schedule that works out for you.
Make a schedule according to your preferences so that you can easily stick to it and follow it properly to make better and greater videos for your youtube channel.

Set a routine schedule for your youtube channel to follow the schedule to better give them time to time videos for the viewers.