Guest Posting is a Process of Writing Content for Other Websites and Blog Platforms to attract traffic and create backlinks for your website.

Many platforms and bloggers use guest posting to attract traffic and build quality website backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the ways to get more traffic and increase domain authority, and guest posting is the best way to create more quality backlinks.

What is Guest Posting?

Writing blog posts or articles on other websites and blogging platforms in exchange for backlinks (do-follow or no-follow) is called guest posting.

A lot of businesses and content writers are regularly making their way into getting more exposure from online users with guest posting.

You can hire someone to do the job for you, or you can do it yourself if you have good writing skills.

Here in this article, I will tell you about how you can do guest posting for your website to attract more users and readers to your business.

How to Do Guest Posting?

Guest Posting Requires the ability to research, write, market, and create a strategy for your business to get more traffic because, without a strategy, you can not achieve your goals with guest posting.

Understand this way,

If you have 1000 backlinks but all those websites that have given you links are not getting even ten users daily, your website will not get enough traffic or increase the domain authority of your website.

If you have all the skills required for guest posting, you can easily get more traffic on your website and generate more revenue.

1. Research About Quality Backlinking Websites
2. Reach Those websites by Email and Ask them for Backlinks
3. Write Quality Content on the Selected Title by Following their Guidelines
4. Insert backlink URLs of your website to your article/blog
5. Submit your Article/Blog for Review
6. If not published, ask them about what went wrong and do the edits to get published


1. Research About Quality Backlinking Websites:

First of all, you have to find out quality websites for guest posting; you can search on google “write for us” websites or “guest post contribution to find all these websites.

Once you write down the list of all these websites after that, you have to analyze all these websites and find out which websites have good traffic and domain authority and create a new list with all these quality websites.

Websites with more than 300 daily traffic and 11 domain authority are considered good quality websites to contribute to your guest post and get more traffic.

2. Reach Those websites by Email and Ask them for Backlinks:

Now it’s time to approach all these websites by asking them for contributions in exchange for backlinks and creating quality backlinks.

You can contact us on all those websites via email and ask them about guest posting contributions by giving them relevant content titles you can write about so that they can provide you with free backlinks.

Also, if they are asking for money and their site is above 50 domain authority, and 1000 daily traffic goes for it without a second thought, it will boost your website.

3. Write Quality Content on the Selected Title by Following their Guidelines:

Once they send you the title and agree with you to provide a backlink for your website, write unique quality content so that it helps both your website and their website.

Also, consider the guidelines of the platform you are writing about to increase the chances of your content getting published.

You have to provide value and quality with informative and creative writing styles to get your content more exposure in the online market.

4. Insert backlink URLs of your website to your article/blog:

Now understand that you have to create backlinks with your most visited pages and get more traffic and exposure from the readers.

You can also insert backlink URLs on your service page and home page with relevant anchor text for better SEO practice for your website.

By getting relevant and quality backlinks, you can easily get more traffic and generate a good amount of revenue for your business.

5. Submit your Article/Blog for Review:

Now, you have to edit your blog/article and then submit it for review to the platform, ensuring you have fulfilled all the write for us guideline while writing the content.

Also, checking your blog/article for grammar and typing errors is important. Also, run your blog/article content through a plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is plagiarism free.

Make sure that your content is easy to read and provides value and quality to the readers to get more engagement and exposure from the online market.

6. If not published, ask them about what went wrong and do the edits to get published:

If your content isn’t get published on time ask them via email about it what went wrong and how you can give them what they want in your content.

After understanding the issue, give your best to solve issues in your content, and don’t give them a second chance to reject your content; do it properly.

By doing this, you can easily get your blog/article get published and earn quality backlinks for your website.


Guest posting is one of the best ways to create quality backlinks, and it is used all across the globe by digital marketers for link-building strategies. Guest posting will help you to get more exposure and a relevant audience on your website with SEO best practices.