We see many people texting each other in short forms to avoid typing more while chatting, and people do understand this type of message, and we feel left out.

There are so many short message forms in the market, but only a few people who constantly use social media are aware of them; so someone like me feels that we are missing out on something, so I did a small research to find out what is the meaning of all these small talks of social media and how do people use it so often in their daily conversation.

It is not something that you have to learn compulsory, but having some basic knowledge will help you make your conversation smoother with anyone in this modern era.

You probably have got or seen TTM messages a lot in a social media conversation, wondered what it means, and then googled it here; in this article, we will learn about TTM and the other short messages to make your conversation smoother over time.

What is the Meaning of TTM? Explained

TTM on Snapchat:

TTM is shorthand for “Talk To Me” on Snapchat and other social media.
This abbreviation has been around for a long on the internet, and it’s very common to see it in DMs when someone is trying to start a conversation with you.
Snapchat has been one of the most downloaded apps in recent years because it facilitates simple two-way communication between friends and the easy distribution of content from Stories to one’s contact list.
Like many other social media and messaging services, Snapchat has its own lexicon of slang phrases and acronyms designed to facilitate communication within the app.


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TTM: Talk To Me
TTMN: Talk To Me Now
DTTM: Don’t Talk To Me

Here the messenger wants to start a conversation with you, and by sending TTM, he is inspiring you to start a conversation with him/her.

What does the “TTM” in the message mean? You’re in the right spot. This article will explain what this acronym means and how you may start using it immediately in your personal talks. We’ve also explored alternative definitions if you discover “TTM” somewhere else.

TTM in Texting:

Talk to Me, abbreviated as TTM, is text speak for “talk to me” across all digital mediums.
You may encounter this abbreviation in your texts and other messaging apps than Snapchat.

Using TTM:

Encourage Someone to Message You:

Perhaps you haven’t talked to your pal in a week, or you’re on the lookout for a long-lost contact. Cool and concise, “TTM” gets your point through quickly and effectively.
– Long Time No See. TTM!
– It’s been a while. TTM!
– How’ve you been? TTM

Lend Someone a Listening Ear:

Finding the appropriate words to comfort a friend or loved one going through a difficult moment can be difficult. With a simple “TTM,” you may let them know that you’re there for them and willing to listen if they need to get something off their chest.
– “It sounds like today wasn’t the best day for you. As always, you have the option to TTM.
– I can’t even fathom what you’re going through but know that you have a support system in me. You can TTM whenever you like.

Invite a Friend to Spill all the Exciting Details:

Has your flatmate recently returned from a fantastic trip? How close to the stage were your friend’s seats? A simple “TTM!” will inspire them to spill the beans about their entire trip.

– “OMG, the party photos on your Instagram story last night were awesome. TTM!”
– If I’m not mistaken, Troy appeared in your most recent Snap. TTM!”

How to Respond to TTM:

Shoot, Reply back if you Feel like it:

If you’re in the mood, reply to that person who wants to chat with you. Feel free to express yourself as follows:
– Hey, What’s going on?
– I always appreciate your support, you are a good friend of me.
– Relax, mate; I am going to tell you everything

Ignore the message if you don’t want to answer:

“TTM” is a facile way to start a conversation and doesn’t provide much material for further discussion. If they are serious about getting in touch with you, they will write something more tailored to your needs.

Other Meanings of TTM:

Trailing Twelve Months:

Making the jump to the corporate world? TTM also stands for “trailing twelve months” and is commonly used by organizations as a performance indicator. Revenue, yield, and the price-to-earnings ratio can all be zeroed in on with pinpoint accuracy using a TTM. Many businesses use a TTM for budgeting and forecasting purposes.

Through the Mail:

An avid follower of athletic competition? Many supporters enjoy having their favorite athletes sign images and postcards they send them. Knowing which players are most likely to sign and return signed items is a breeze, thanks to TTM databases.