You and I are addicted to laziness because of one common thing we believe laziness is cool; our mainstream media has made it clear to society that being lazy is not considered an issue, but it is considered normal behavior, which is why we procrastinate a lot and die without achieving our goals and greatest desire.

Ask yourself these three questions whenever you procrastinate and think being lazy is coll behavior; ask yourself that,

1. Are you able to grow as an individual by procrastinating a lot?
2. Can you make eye contact with your ancestors who died for you in a war when you die?
3. Would you like to die without knowing the true growth potential of yourself?

I know you don’t want to die that miserable life, which is why you are finding a way to overcome Procrastination, right?
Well, the answer is you.

Only you can save yourself from not being trapped in the cycle of Procrastination, which is why you need to keep yourself well aware that you are doing something every time and not resting until it’s time for you to rest.

You know you are procrastinating, but never trying to break that pattern makes you addicted to the habit of procrastinating.

Procrastination will make you addicted to laziness and excuses, two dangerous things that affect your growth and make you mediocre in this world.

In this article, we will learn about a step-by-step guide to overcoming Procrastination and achieving all your goals.

A Step by Step Guide to Overcome Procrastination:

An efficient way to overcome Procrastination is to create a routine schedule and act according to the routine schedule ruthlessly with powerful steps.

Step 1: Create a Routine Schedule
Step 2: Follow the Routine
Step 3: Punish yourself if you Skip your Routine
Step 4: Take New Challenges every day


Step 1: Create a Routine Schedule

You need to create a routine schedule where you need to write down your schedule with time and tasks to perform in a day. Your routine schedule will assist you in doing all your tasks and working towards your goals by taking those powerful steps frequently.

You need to divide all those tasks within suitable time limits and create a quality routine schedule that is according to your preferences and creates an urge to work towards each task with pure dedication and focus.

While creating your routine schedule, make sure that you focus on your physical, mental and financial growth and become stronger with each passing day because that’s how you will get rid of the cheap dopamine cycle and chase more powerful dreams by experiencing wins and losses in your life.

By creating a quality routine schedule, you can ensure that you are moving on to the right path and becoming one step closer to achieving all your goals.

Step 2: Follow the Routine

Now, you have the proper routine schedule that is your game plan to become one of the best individuals and get what you want by following the tasks and respecting the deadline.

You need to make yourself dedicated and focused on following your routine schedule and make your 100% effort to perform all those routine tasks to become better than anyone else and stand out from anyone wherever you go.

Follow your routine and perform all your tasks by pushing yourself harder to improve daily to achieve all your goals. You need to make yourself so dedicated to your routine that even if you are sick or unwell, you need to keep performing with all your strength.

Remember the Famous Quote from the One Piece Character Roronoa Zoro:
“As long as I can Stand, I can Train.”

So no matter how hard and challenging it becomes, you must keep performing all the tasks and follow your routine with discipline, dedication and focus to achieve your goals.

Step 3: Punish yourself if you Skip your Routine

No matter how hard or challenging it becomes, you need to get up and perform every day to grow and break the cycle of procrastination.

To beat procrastination, you need to punish yourself whenever you skip following your routine so that you can be precise and proactive in following your routine schedule.

Whenever you skip your routine, you are disrespecting yourself, and your decision and procrastination develop from there, which is why it is important to punish yourself every time you skip to follow the routine schedule.

Punish yourself with 100 Pushups, Run ten times a Ground, write 10 pages apology letter to yourself, etc., to make yourself realize how important it is to follow the routine schedule every day.

Create a Mindset where you think you can not afford to skip your routine schedule no matter what and follow the routine ruthlessly.

Step 4: Take New Challenges every day

You need to take new challenges every day to push yourself harder and get better results to achieve your goals.

If you are training physically, do one more set.

If you are training financially, take one more calculated finance risk.

If you are training mentally, make yourself outside the box in uncertain situations.

You need to take on new challenges daily to grow beyond your limits and learn more about how to keep improving faster with your routine schedule.