In other people’s minds, an introvert is a shy person who doesn’t like to be with anybody because of his insecurities.

I agree but not 100% because if you have ever been an introvert in your life or met anyone who is an extreme introvert if you try to talk with that person, he/she will answer your questions, but they think you are going to judge them and that is why they are less likely to be more engaging or talkative with anybody.

I can tell this because I was an introverted person for an extended period of time.

Introvert enjoys their own company, which is why they do not like to be with anybody other than their own company.

In this article, learn why being an introvert is so awesome and what introverts enjoy in life more than anyone else in this world.

10 Reasons Why Being an Introvert is Awesome:

Being an introvert is something that is the most beautiful and the very best thing that happened to me. If God gave me the magical superpower to travel back in time, I would like to go back to the time when I was an introvert.


1. Living in your own fantasy world
2. Good Listener and a Better analyst
3. fewer people you know, easier the life will be
4. You are calm and quiet outside at least
5. We Daydream too much
6. Last long without any company
7. You have priorities straight
8. Easily find ways to have fun
9. Traveling alone becomes an adventure
10. Other people are used to not bothering you

1. Living in Your Own World:

As we all know, we live in our own fantasy world as introverts. Introverts are more likely to build an imaginary world in their minds and create something unique and extraordinary so they can enjoy living in their imaginary world where things are so simple and according to their situation.

Living in their own fantasy world makes them feel relaxed and comfortable, whereas in real life, as introverts, we feel scared and insecure most of the time, so the fantasy world we create in our mind gives us all the things that we want from the world.

2. Good Listener And a Better Analyst:

You are a good listener and a better for any kind of situation as an introvert; you check and analyze everything you listen to everything carefully as well. Good listening and analyzing capacity make you mentally strong and help you to analyze every situation in your life. All the listening and analysis you do by your mind makes you feel good and mentally and emotionally strong.

3. Fewer people you know, Easier the life will be:

As an introvert, we do not have more friends. We have only a few friends we address as good friends and make real, long-lasting friendships. And it happens that the few people we know life become a lot easier and good.
Few people on our list made us good and strong with really strong, long-lasting relationships and friendships.

4. You are Calm and Quiet Outside at least:

You would be calm and quiet outside, at least because you do not want to express your feelings to anyone. You do keep your feelings to yourself only. All the things that are running around your mind do not come outside because of your introverted behavior.
There’s nothing you want to share with anyone. You do keep your feelings to yourself only.

5. You care; You really do:

Introverts are regarded for having a rich inner world and for being creative. Although they tend to keep their thoughts to themselves most of the time, they are known for having active imaginations and for coming up with incredible ideas and concepts, even if it takes them a huge time to put them into action.

6. Last long without any Company:

Traveling around the world can be enjoyed without dealing with other people’s nonsense. There’s no need to seek permission or wait for approval. You are not obligated to share anything, including food or anything you believe is superior to that. You know how to stand on your own two feet and stand up for yourself.

You’ve been granted something that only a few people have: the ability to be yourself. Strength does not only come from the body; it may also come from the mind and spirit. You have authority over them. It’s a product of your personality, of the nights you’ve spent wondering why you can’t be like everyone else, with everyone else. You now understand why because you’re unique and more powerful than they are.

7. You have Priorities Straight:

You’ve got your act together. Is there any way to make this any better? You know what’s at the top of your daily to-do list, and you’re correct. You’re the type of individual that understands how to prioritize tasks effectively. This may be subjective, but it’s certainly not lame.

You might not want to finish your behavioral science project today, but you’re working on that blog piece you’re going to publish instead of hanging out with your friends; you might want to watch movies, Netflix and play your guitar at home instead of going to a dinner party where you don’t know anyone.

8. Easily find ways to have Fun:

Rearranging their bookshelves and browsing old books might be entertaining for an introvert. I used to love putting our surname on CDs and encyclopedias, saying that they were all ours. No one ever gets our CDs!

But, above all, being an introvert appeal to me because of the comfort and simplicity with which we live. If people don’t continuously question our social talents, I believe introverts are superior to extroverts because of their simplicity, depth, trust, and mystery.

9. Traveling Alone Becomes an Adventure:

Traveling alone makes you feel better and stronger since you enjoy your company it makes your journey with happiness. You are totally in love with your company. You can do all the amazing things you want to do since you are alone on your journey, and you do not have to listen to anyone else’s crap or worry about anything.
As introverts, we like to travel alone and make our journey more interesting and good.

10. Other People Are Used to not Bothering You:

It’s simpler to decline invites when people know you’re an introvert. Being transparent about your introversion might help your friends understand how you work. They already know what’s happening even if you don’t react to their invites or group conversations.

Unlike when I pretended to be an extrovert, several of my friends now come to my house just to hang out with me.
Fortunately, I have an alibi in the form of my strict and reclusive mother. “Sorry, my mother said no,” was a typical response. While my friends are disappointed that I will be unable to join them, I am delighted that I will watch anime series all day.