You need to grow your Instagram followers organically to increase sales and revenue for your business and get attention from active users of Instagram.

Instagram became one of the most popular mediums to connect, engage, build community, start a business online, and generate a good amount of income.

Instagram has billions of active users, which makes it one of the most popular and easy-to-use platforms worldwide for users.
However, if you want to grow your Instagram followers organically, you need to keep providing value and informative content via your Instagram account to make it grow organically.

Multiple Instagram accounts on Instagram buy followers and bots to increase their following and make just e-waste account on an online platform.

Remember, No business can grow by buying fake followers and not providing quality and value in their posts which is why it would be best to grow your Instagram account with organic followers instead of buying those bot accounts and fake followers.

Once you can give your 100% time and effort to grow your Instagram followers organically, you can move further more easily to take your business Instagram account to the next level.

You can have a lot of chances to find people from your niche and interested customers in your business from Instagram, which makes it easy for you to increase your sales and revenue.

“Your Instagram account will assist your customers to understand your business, so make sure it is well optimized.”

10 Tips to Grow your Instagram Followers Organically in 2023:

Here, in this guide, we will learn how to grow organic followers to your Instagram account, make your business thrive, and get more customers from your Instagram account.

I am sharing ten tips here that will help to get more organic followers on Instagram and operate your business smoothly.

Let’s Begin…

1. Optimize your Profile
2. Share Informative and Valuable Posts
3. Create Reels
4. Go Live on Instagram
5. Share Stories
6. Highlight your Stories
7. Use Hashtags and Give Replies to Comment
8. Consider the Instagram promotion option
9. Collaborate with Other Instagram Accounts
10. Release Something for Free to gain a Reputation

Grow your Instagram Followers Organically

Grow your Instagram Followers Organically

1. Optimize your Profile:

A well-optimized Instagram account always attracts users to follow and seek something relevant out of your Instagram account.
To grow your Instagram followers organically, you need to optimize your account with a creative logo, attractive bio, official website link, info about your business in the bio, etc., to make users understand more about your business.

Your well-optimized business account will assist you in turning your followers into loyal customers to increase the sales and revenue of your business.

2. Share Informative and Valuable Posts:

You have to share valuable information with carousels and creative Instagram posts to attract more users and increase your followers.

Make sure you make your posts more creative and informative for users and add value that your users seem thanks to receiving it from your account.

Use attractive colors and easy-to-read language to make it more engageable and increase the following of your Instagram business account.

Your Posts will Decide how your Instagram business accounts look overall, so make sure you give 100% in every post.

3. Create Reels:

Instagram reels make getting more exposure from the users easier if you make them more engaging and give your 100% to create a unique creative business reel.

You need to create a reel that takes care of video quality, excellent editing, a clear message, and covers trending music to get more reach.

Also, you have to ensure that your reels are related to your business but still entertain all your users and attract more followers.

4. Go Live on Instagram:

You can go live on Instagram, interact with your followers, and add your team staff to interact and give news and updates about your business to your followers.

You can also add your customers to ask for their opinions and feedback about your products and services, which helps you understand where you need to improve and provide better services.

This way, your followers will feel they are part of your family and stay loyal to your business, attracting more users to follow your account.

5. Share Stories:

You can use the Instagram story feature to share “behind the scene” and other related quick stuff about your business on your Instagram business account.

You can share how your team and services works and how your business operates, encountering everyday challenges from your niche market.

Also, you can share niche-related news, updates, and trends to attract your users to grow your Instagram followers organically.

6. Highlight your Stories:

You can highlight the story section by giving good stories highlight and adding the topic of that stories for users to find it easily.
Users always seek your previously posted stories in the highlight section so make sure you manage all your insta stories well optimized.

This way, users will get more interested in your account and learn more about your business which will assist your business in getting potential customers and loyal followers by word of mouth.

They are more likely to recommend your business to others.

7. Use Hashtags and Give Replies to Comment:

Make sure you use hashtags in everything you share and make one personal hashtag from where people can learn more about your business.

Also, reply to all those comments in your posts to make sure that users interact more with your business and that you get more followers from potential customers.

Using relevant hashtags, you can easily reach out to all those ideal customers seeking the products and services your business provides.

This way, it will become smoother for you to grow your Instagram followers organically and increase sales and revenue for your business.

8. Consider the Instagram promotion option:

Remember that I am not talking about buying followers from third parties just to increase the numbers on your followers count.

I am talking about the promotion option that Instagram provides to increase your reach. Those who like your account will follow your account and connect with your business.

If you are considering this Instagram promotion option, you must create your advertising post or video according to the copywriting formula to make it better out of your Instagram promotion campaign.

9. Collaborate with Other Instagram Accounts:

You can collaborate with other business or influencer accounts to attract and get more reach from Instagram users.

By collaborating with relevant Instagram accounts you can grow organic followers and increase the sales and revenue of your business.

You need to collaborate with those relevant accounts in your niche that you think have potential customers of your business and grow your Instagram following.

10. Release Something for Free to gain a Reputation:

You need to release a product or service for free so that your customers get more attached to your business, give you all your attention, and interact with you, which increases your engagement rate.

Make a course or product for your business and give it free to your Instagram audience to make your business get more reputation and credibility from the market.

To grow your Instagram followers organically, you can also host giveaways and contests for your followers to participate in and ask them to share with others and follow to enter into the giveaway or contest to get organic followers.