I learned so many things late in my life, and I regret that because no schools or colleges are teaching this; however, many personal coaches and industry experts started selling courses on these topics.

But if you really want to learn something, you need to learn it yourself because these courses will not help you 100%; you have to do that for yourself.

You have to learn these skills to level up yourself and stand out in this competitive market which is why here in this article, I am going to discuss the 10 skills you need to learn by yourself because college or schools are going to teach these things.

10 Skills you need to learn by yourself No college/school is going to teach you:

1. Time Management
2. Money Management
3. Prioritizing Yourself
4. Becoming Health Conscious
5. Networking and Communication
6. Brain Storming and Creativity
7. Smart Saving and Investment
8. Dating and Relationship
9. Self Defense
10. Emotional Intelligence


1. Time Management:

No school or college teaches about time management, but we have to deal with time schedule deadlines and target everything with our time.

If you don’t know how you can manage your time to complete all your work within the deadline, you won’t be able to make a good impression about yourself on the professional front.

You have to understand your time, your tasks, and your ability to complete your tasks and write down the schedule according to it so that you can complete all of your tasks within the deadline.

2. Money management:

You have to understand money and the behavior of money in order to manage your funds and money securely.

Money management helps you learn more about money and how you can generate more money by managing money and understanding the importance of money.

If you learn money management and give proper importance and value to money, you will be able to earn and manage money easily.

3. Prioritizing Yourself:

It is not good to put others’ needs before your needs; many individuals suffer because of this and cannot make their life healthy.

Keep in mind that putting others’ needs before your needs is an unhealthy practice that occurs frustration in any individual.

Learn to give importance to yourself and fulfill all your needs so that you can become a straight thinker and an unstoppable individual.

4. Becoming Health Conscious:

Health plays a vital role in any individual’s life because without good health, you have to face a lot of consequences to achieve your goals.

You have to become health conscious so that you stay fit and healthy to achieve all your goals.

Avoid unhealthy foods, diets, and unhealthy environment. Breathe in the fresh air, participate in some kind of sports, and keep yourself healthy and fit.

5. Networking and Communication:

Networking and Communication help you connect with the group of people who shares the same interest according to your interests.

This way, you can get more connected to more like-minded people and improve your communication skills as well.

Networking helps you connect with bright-minded people in your industry, and communication helps you positively enhance your personality.

6. Brain Storming and Creativity:

Brainstorming is something that will help you improve your thinking process and exercise your mind positively.

You can become creative by brainstorming ideas and keep thinking about your goal and creativity; without it, you can not become creative easily.

You can brainstorm your ideas and think deeply to achieve your goals to enhance your creativity level as an individual.

7. Smart Saving and Investment:

You have to learn smart savings and investments in order to avoid any financial crisis and manage your money in a smart way.

Your investment and savings are something that will help you in the future to make your life financially stable and secure.

It is important for you to learn about smart saving and investing in order to avoid any financial disaster.

8. Dating and Relationship:

As we see so many broken hearts and broken people around us, we realize that it is important for everyone to learn about dating and relationships in order to make dating and relationships in your life better.

If both parties know and learn about dating and relationships, it would be easier for them to create a healthy lifestyle and grow their relationship with ease.

This is why I think it would be important for everyone to learn about dating and relationships.

9. Self Defense:

Self-defense is an important skill that I think everyone should learn because there is a lot of crime and danger all across the globe.

If everyone is able to defend themselves, it would be easier for them to fight any strength from the universe and come out victorious.

Self-defense is a healthy practice that will improve your physical energy and make you strong physically and mentally.

10. Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is also an important skill to achieve your goals and level up yourself because without emotional intelligence, you won’t be able to understand how to make difficult choices in your life and choose your growth.

Being emotionally intelligent, you can easily make difficult choices and control your emotions to win yourself.