Youtube is a Great Video Platform that helps a massive audience recognize your content. So many people want to explore more about How they can earn money through youtube and easily make their videos appear on the search results.

Understanding how youtube ranks videos are the first step in making the most of your time on the site.

Youtube videos are a great way of social media marketing and content marketing.

One of the main challenges for youtube creators is that they fail to do video marketing and optimization correctly, so their videos do not reach a large audience.

As a YouTube creator, you must grasp video marketing and optimization techniques to reach your target audience more effectively.

Let’s learn about youtube video optimization here.

What is Youtube Video Optimization?

Youtube Video Optimization means optimizing a video based on a particular keyword to rank that video on the specific keyword, where you have to do proper keyword research and find out your ideal keyword to target and make an awesome video around your ideal keyword that helps your video to rank further in the youtube and get more views with ease.

Youtube video optimization helps your youtube channel to grow furthermore efficiently.

The Process to Do your Youtube Video Optimization:

Now, let’s learn how you can optimize your video to make it more engaging for the users and get incredible views. You need to understand that the more focus you give to your video optimization, the more the chances of your videos are to appear on the search queries.

So, you have to optimize your youtube video by focusing on your youtube keyword research.

A lot of creators are becoming successful with their youtube video optimization strategies. If you want to become one of them, let’s look forward to the amazing video optimization guide and make your youtube channel grow further.



Keyword Research:

First, you have to do keyword research for your video and find out ideal keywords to build amazing content around them.
When doing keyword research for youtube, you also have to consider the google search engine since sometimes google ranks youtube videos on users’ search queries.

There are plenty of youtube keyword research tools available to find out the ideal keywords for your youtube videos.
You have to keep viewers’ persona in your mind while doing your keyword research to find more suitable keywords for your youtube videos.

Find out long-tail keywords by searching on the youtube search box and consider that long-tail keyword to make better-optimized youtube videos.

Also, figure out google keywords that show youtube videos as a result and try to make content around those keywords to increase your video’s chances of appearing on google search results.

Using Your Keyword:

After Finalizing your focus keyword, now it’s time for you to use that keyword in your video, title of your video, description of your video, and audio of your video so that it gets better optimized by the youtube algorithm.

Use the keyword in your video title and make that title catchy and attractive, which easily gets the viewers’ attention.
Use your focus keyword in your video description at least two times to optimize your video better with the youtube algorithm.

Optimize your Youtube Video Description:

Youtube description is something that helps you better optimize your youtube video. A solid youtube description writing makes your video appear creative and better optimized with search results.

Give information about your social handles in your youtube description that helps your viewers find you on other platforms.

It would be best to put a strict limit of 200 characters for your description and include your most relevant keywords in the first few paragraphs. Make your description relevant in general terms. Delete it if it doesn’t benefit the user in any way.

Use Video Hashtags:

Hashtags are more crucial nowadays all across social media. Using Hashtags in your video title and description will help your video to grow more efficiently.

Hashtags on your videos will help you find similar interesting youtube channels and videos to discover and reach out to a broad audience.

Find relevant keywords to put in your video titles and description so that it helps you create a good amount of views for your videos.

Learn which are the most important keywords for your niche and build a strong hashtag strategy for your youtube channel to grow further.

Select your Video Category:

Searches for a specific video with advanced choices can be narrowed down by selecting a specific category. Your video should be categorized when you post it on YouTube so that a user can easily access it.

Many categories are available on YouTube, so you should be able to choose a suitable one for your videos. In order to categorize your video, you can select from a wide range of options.

Customize your Thumbnail:

Using thumbnails in your YouTube videos can either assist or harm them. They’re the first thing people notice when they search for something on YouTube. This can significantly impact YouTube’s ranking if the thumbnail is strong.

Get noticed by creating something that catches people’s attention and sticks out in the crowd. These thumbnails, for example, are just grabbed from the video itself and may not be the best way to entice a viewer to watch the video.


Optimizing your YouTube video and description will help you to rank your video higher in the YouTube search results as well as other search engines in the video section. So it would be beneficial for you to optimize your video and description with the relevant keywords.