Exports are a vital part of any country’s economy, regardless of its size. By exporting products made in the country, almost every country earns a lot of money for itself.

Increasing a country’s profits relies heavily on exports. Over the years, India’s exports have increased, dramatically boosting the country’s economic growth. There are many products that India exports to other countries that are essential to their lives.

As with other countries, India exports various products and raw materials to other countries to earn billions in revenue.

Exporting products from India can be profitable if you choose products shipped to countries like UAE, Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United States, United Kingdom, and Malaysia.


10 Profitable Commodities to Export from India to Other Countries:

1. Regional Handicrafts:

In India, regional handicraft is made by local experts. Local experts do design and production of regional handicrafts at a meager cost. Only a few hundred to thousands of rupees in Indian rupees are required.

As a result of their high demand in foreign countries, exporting such items has a large profit margin. Native art handicrafts have a massive following in Europe, sold both in shops and online.

A significant advantage of exporting this type of product is that it does not require a significant investment, only a minimal investment and some good networks with local craftspeople. Considering these crafts are sold at high prices in those countries, they have an enormous profit margin.

2. Precious Stones, Gems(Diamonds), and Jewelry:

India has been famous for its precious stones and jewelry since antiquity. In recent years, the country has become the world’s largest consumer of precious stones, gems, and jewelry such as gold.

Since the world has noticed, India has become one of the world’s leading exporters of jewelry and precious stones, both of which have high-profit margins.

There is a high demand for precious stones, gems, diamonds, and jewelry in other countries. It is stated that women of India have 11% of gold from the entire world.

Surat Gujrat is known for polishing more than 80% of diamonds from the entire world.

3. Organic Supplements and Medicines:

There’s a huge market for organic supplements and medicines in India, and it’s growing. Honey, fruit and vegetable juices, herbs, Ayurvedic products, etc., are all examples of organic products. These herbal and organic products are in high demand worldwide, especially in western countries, where yoga and Ayurveda have gained popularity.

Exporting these products can be highly profitable due to their high demand and high prices. Identify which products are most popular and which have the tremendous potential for success.

4. Machinery:

Machinery is one of India’s most famous exports, and it is considered the country’s best export business. Manufacturing and maintaining machines for companies and industries is India’s largest industry.

Increasingly, India exports machinery, including nuclear reactors, mechanical appliances such as pumps, building construction equipment, and heavy machinery for agriculture. Investing in machinery is expensive because it’s a large-scale business that incurs high costs when exported. If you do want to start with a small business you must check out our Most successful homemade businesses article.

5. Meat Exportation:

Many countries have a high demand for meat products. This allows you to determine which meats are exported the most and which roots are in great need. Historically, buffalo meat has been in high demand, and India has been a significant exporter of buffalo meat worldwide for a long time.

Pork is also exported in large quantities from India due to the low consumption in the country. As a result, exporting seafood to countries that do not have access to the sea has a huge return. These products don’t require significant investment and can generate huge profits when sold.

6. Dairy Products:

In India, we are blessed to have the Bos indicus breed of cows, whose milk is considered among the best among cows.

There is a massive demand for Bos Indicus milk in the United States and many other countries. Try your luck in the dairy industry by exporting packaged milk to these countries and see if you succeed. The list of dairy products can be expanded to include cheese, curd, and ghee. Compared to local cows, the Bos indicus breed’s milk is sold at four times the rate. This is a sector where you can make a lot of money if you do it right.

7. Homeopathy Medicines:

Homeopathy medicine products are highly demanded in other countries, which people can export and earn money from them. In recent years, homeopathy and homeopathic medicines have seen tremendous popularity due to allopathic medicines’ disadvantages and side effects.

Several countries are experimenting with homeopathy, and homeopathic medicines are consumed in large quantities in many of them. Aside from homeopathic medicines having almost no side effects, they are relatively inexpensive compared to allopathic drugs. Indian homeopathic medicine exports grew in 2014 and are expected to continue to do so.

Exporting homeopathic medicines is a lucrative business that can be pursued and profited from.

8. Clothing:

Clothing is also one of the most profitable products to export from India to other countries to earn billions. India has one of the world’s most excellent textiles and apparel industries! In part, this is because India has strengths across the entire value chain from fibers, yarns, fabrics, and apparel and low manufacturing costs.

Aside from that, cotton is one of India’s cash crops, and it’s a critical raw material for a lot of clothing production. About 12 percent of the export earnings come from it.

People are spending more time at home rather than at work or in public, changing the global demand for clothing. There’s a lot of fascinating right now in sportswear and pajamas because people want to be comfortable while working from home. Comfortable shoes are also a must-have for this activity.

Clothing for wearing outside the home is still prevalent. Still, the demand for such clothing is expected to slowly increase once the country’s offices, restaurants, and nightclubs reopen and the borders reopen.

9. Petroleum Products:

India’s top exports are petroleum products, which rank first on the list. However, exporting petroleum products from India is not an easy task, as it requires a significant investment and a lot of hard work.

Pet coke, wax, charcoal, coal, and many other petroleum semi-products can be exported. It is possible to obtain the necessary authorization to import such products. Small developing nations like Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, etc., have a massive demand for such products. Demand is high and you can sell them at a good profit margin, so you can expect good returns.

10. Ceramics:

Materials made from carbon or silicon that are non-metallic and inorganic are used to make pottery, cutlery and bone china plates, and tiles and bricks. India has been exporting ceramics for a very long time. In India, ceramic products manufacturing is a vast industry. There are approximately 27000 crore rupees invested in India’s ceramic industry, and the country exported a total of 2,000 crore rupees in 2016.

During the last few years, exports have risen by 30 percent, and they are expected to continue growing. By registering with the council of ceramics in India and obtaining the necessary export documents, one can easily export these items.


Exporting products from India to other countries would allow you to earn billion of dollars. Just figure out how to run your export business and the profitable products you want to export from India to other countries. You can earn with this export product business easily and most efficiently. These are profitable products that you can export from India to other countries.