Spoiler Warning: This Article contains spoiled, so please watch the series before reading the article if you don’t want to spoil your experience.

Itachi Uchiha, one of the strongest characters in the Naruto series with a huge amount of fans all across the globe, has some fascinating qualities that everyone would like to develop and become more strongest emotionally.

At the beginning of the Naruto series, we learn that Sasuke has an elder brother who killed his whole clan, his parents, his love, and his comrades, and leaves only Sasuke behind, saying that Sasuke isn’t worthy enough to kill.

However, we learn about the true intention of Itachi in the Naruto Shippuden prewar saga, where we learn Itachi sacrificed it all just to save the village and his clan’s reputation in the village.

In this article, we will learn about the top 5 qualities of itachi uchiha everyone likes to develop and how to develop them.

5 Qualities of Itcahi Uchiha People like to develop:

1. Inner Urge to Become Stronger
2. Ready to Sacrifice
3. Loving with All his Heart
4. Ready to Fight with Anyone
5. Hiding His True Intentions

Itachi Uchiha

1. Inner Urge to Become Stronger:

Itachi always had that inner urge to become stronger from childhood and worked hard in his training to become stronger day by day. Itachi’s inner urge to become stronger made him one of the most powerful Uchiha characters who can easily beat the shit out of anyone.

Itachi has been trained harder throughout the Naruto series and made his actions with perfections to easily fight with anyone and become stronger. Itachi never skipped his training hours nor restricted his training hours in time limits; he always pushed himself harder to become stronger with his quality training.

Itachi did a quality amount of training with his inner urge to become stronger and stronger to protect his village; he never wanted any threat to come closer to his village and save his little brother and the people of his village.

How to Do It: Never Skip Workout Sessions and Always Push Yourself to Train Harder.

2. Ready to Sacrifice:

Itachi was always ready to sacrifice himself to protect his village and his loved ones, which is why he died with a smile on his face by protecting Sasuke from the curse mark of Orochimaru.

No matter how difficult situations adults made for him, he always wanted to do good for the village and make a safe environment for everyone so that no one has to suffer, as he has suffered throughout his life. He was even seen ready to die at the hand of his little brother Sasuke because he wanted to make Sasuke stronger by developing a Mangekyoun sharingan.

Itachi even sacrificed his beautiful love story with Izumi Uchiha to protect his village. He killed Izumi while slaughtering his clan and made Izumi experience the life she always wanted to live with his Genjutsu.

How to Do it: Make yourself detached from everything and everyone but value the goals and intentions.

3. Loving with All his Heart:

Itachi was never good at showing his love to anyone but loved his brother, clan, village, and Izumi with all his heart. Itachi loved Sasuke with all his heart but never showed it but always took care of Sasuke from a distance and wanted Sasuke to become stronger so that Sasuke could become capable of surviving on his own.

Itachi knocked out sasuke many times by saying he is not strong enough to fight with him, making sauke train harder every day to become stronger than his elder brother. This is Itachi’s way of making his younger brother stronger.

By continuously insulting Sasuke’s strengths, Itachi develops an urge in Sasuke to become stronger than him, which is the pure form of love in Itachi’s own way.

How to Do It: Take hard, quality actions that benefit your loved ones.

4. Ready to Fight with Anyone:

Whether it is Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, Asuma, Kurenai, Kisame, or Master Jiraiya, Itachi is always ready to fight with anyone at any time, which makes him a totally unstoppable character that can easily beat the shit out of anyone who tries to bother him.

Itachi’s true strengths rely on Genjutsu, which makes everyone fall into the illusion of Genjustsu of Itachi’s sharingan eye technique and lose the momentum of the fight. Also, Itachi can create the Mangekyoun sharingan and form a Susaano, which can fight for him and protect Itachi, making Itachi dangerously powerful.

Itachi has one eye of Shusui Uchiha, the truly powerful shinobi from Konohagakure, and his best friend, which he uses on himself to break the reanimation jutsu during the fourth great ninja war.

How to do it: Train yourself harder to become stronger and more powerful than most people.

5. Hiding His True Intentions

Itachi has never shown his true intentions from the start; he is seen as the cold-hearted villain from the very start of the series, and he never shares his true intentions with anyone, not even his Akatsuki partner, Kisame.

Itachi never wanted to share his feelings, intentions, and goals with anyone to save his village and the reputation of his clan, which made him become the village villain.

Itachi was so great at hiding his true intention, which is why none of the Akatsuki members ever learned about his true intention, which helped him save Konohagaru village many times.

How to do it: Never Share too much Information, only answer the questions and make the same expression on your face every time.