Kakashi Hatake, the leader of team 7, has impressed the audience with their character development and becoming a more versatile character in the series.

Kakashi Hatake is a complex character in the series; he has experienced loneliness from the start and learned to become the best and pure version of himself to do good for the people around him and ensure that no one makes the same mistakes as he did in his young age.

Naruto has all the good characters and a different storyline, but Kakashi Hatake is one of the best-written characters in terms of character development.

The team 7 leader has easily grabbed the attention of the majority of the audience with his backstory, one-eye Sharingan, his past mistakes, and learning from them. Kakashi is one of the best character development in the Naruto series.

In this article, we will learn why Kakashi Hatake has more fan base and getting more exposure from the anime community.

Why Kakashi Hatake has more Fanbase in Naruto Series?

1. Look out for his Students
1. He is a Genius
2. Never Afraid to Fight
4. Ready to Sacrifice his Life for his Village
5. He Always Tributed his Life to Rin and Obito
6. Immediately Mastered Magekyoun Sharingan

Kakashi Hatake


1. Looks out for his Students:

As a leader of team 7, Kakashi never disappointed us in taking care of Naruto and Sasuke’s actions and also guiding them to do good for the Village.

During the initial fight between Naruto vs. Sasuke, we see Kakashi making sure that no one gets injured and talking some sense to Sasuke Sasuke tells him that he can not understand his Pain; he says I will kill all the people you love, and then I will see your reaction.

After listening to this, Kakashi smiles and tells Sasuke that everyone he loves has already been killed, shocking Sasuke.
During the pain arc, we see Kakashi hold Naruto on his shoulder and take him to his Village after Naruto’s intense fight with Pain.

2. He is a Genius:

Kakashi is a genius who has mastered thousands of jutsu to fight enemies and never underestimates his opponent when fighting. While fighting with Itachi, we see him counterattack Itachi with all his strength to protect Asuma and Kurenai.

Kakashi has always been seen taking calculated risks to achieve his goals and complete all his tasks, which makes him completely different from the other characters.

Kakashi is interested in Jiraiya’s love romance books, making this character one of the fun-loving characters.

3. Never Afraid to Fight:

Whether the opponents are Pain, Itachi, Minato, Zabuza, or his best friend Obito Kakashi, never step down from the real fight.
Kakashi is always ready to take down the opponent and stand still against the opponents, making Kakashi’s character easily grab the audience’s attention.

He mastered copying more than thousands of jutsu to fight with his enemies and calculatingly attacking his opponents to come out on top.

Kakashi wasn’t afraid of fighting with anyone, and he was always ready to give his 100% to win against his opponents, save his loved ones, and complete all the tasks like a pro.

4. Ready to Sacrifice his Life for his Village:

Kakashi is someone who thinks of himself as trash because of his past actions, and to solve all his past mistakes, he is ready to sacrifice himself for the good of his Village.

The half of the Village dies during Pain’s assault in Konohagakure, and Kakashi faces Pain in a 1v1 battle and dies at the hand of Pain, making the audience emotional.

Kakashi was seen fighting against Pain to protect his Village, but unfortunately, Pain had the better advantage over Kakashi because of his unmatchable fighting abilities.

After Naruto defeats Pain, he deals with Pain and all the people who died brought back to life, including Kakashi Hatake.

5. He Always Tributed his Life to Rin and Obito:

Kakashi always tributed his life to Rin and Obito; with all his successes or failure, he never forgot his childhood friends; he always wanted to do good for both of them.

In an accident during the third great ninja war, obito got crushed by the rock, and he thought he couldn’t make it out alive there, so he took a promise from Kakashi to take care of Rin and give one Sharingan eye to Kakashi as a gift.

However, when Rin got kidnapped, and the kidnappers sealed three tails of Jinchuriki inside Rin Kakashi came there to save Rin, and when he was trying to attack the kidnapper with his Chidori, Rin came in between and took attack in her heart and died there.

6. Immediately Mastered Magekyoun Sharingan:

Kakashi had his share of good fortune during the series. Even though he was undeniably an exceptional ninja, he still managed to defeat countless godlike shinobi. Many readers believed Kakashi’s story ended with the arrival of the god Kaguya.

Obito gave Kakashi his second Sharingan as his last wish, telling him to utilize it to save his teammates and the world. Kakashi received the message and promptly perfected his Susanoo using both Sharingan at once. Even Sasuke was taken aback by his sudden mastery. Kakashi became nearly unstoppable when he used his newfound strength in conjunction with Kamui.