The whole world is going through a covid-19 pandemic crisis. So it is necessary to know everything about this disease and how to recover from it successfully.

Here I am sharing my experience about how I recovered from covid-19 and what I have gone through.

Symptoms Before Getting Tested Positive For Covid-19:

Sometimes There are no symptoms in some people who have the virus. When the virus causes symptoms, fever, ache, dry cough, tiredness, chills, headache, sore throat, loss of appetite, and smell are common symptoms.

Some people suffer from COVID-19, which often indicates pneumonia, which causes more severe symptoms like high fever, severe cough, and shortness of breath.

Neurological symptoms, gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms or both may also occur in individuals with COVID-19. They may have respiratory symptoms, or they may not.

For instance, COVID-19 in some individuals affects brain function. The neurological signs found in COVID-19 people include smell loss, bad taste, weakness of the muscles, tingling or stomaching in the hands/feet, dizziness, confusion, delirium, seizures, and stroke.


Furthermore, some persons have gastrointestinal disorder symptoms (GI), such as appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and COVID-19 abdominal pain or in comfort. The COVID-19 virus was also detected in stools, reinforcing the importance of hand-washing after each bathroom visit and disinfects regularly.

In How Many Days Got The Test Done After Getting Symptoms:

When I realized that I have symptoms similar to covid-19, I immediately got myself tested for covid-19. If you think you have symptoms similar to covid-19, immediately rush to the hospital and get tested. This will help you to recover readily from covid-19 disease.

Duration Of Getting Treatment Just After Knowing You’re Covid Positive:

After getting the positive result for the covid-19, I am not aware of what I should do now? But firstly, I call my mom and inform her that I have been tested positive for covid-19, so please make sure nobody comes into my room and inform everyone that they should also maintain distance from me. And after that, I suggest my mom go to the nearest healthcare center and tell them about the situation that I am positive about and how I should get treatment for covid-19. The doctor gives some medication treatment virtually.

Doctor Consultation:

Doctor consultation is a very vital factor to recover from covid-19. A good doctor will keep you motivated and treats you well. Take doctor consultation virtually or at a social distance that will not affect any other individual.

Treatment Process:

Doctors treat the covid-19 patients as per their symptoms. And doctors motivate the patients to keep their fighting strategy alive to win over covid-19 Disease.

The medical staff, including doctors and nurses, play a vital role in helping fight against the coronavirus.

Precaution During Illness:

If COVID-19 is spreading in your community, be sure to take certain simple precautions such as physical distance, wear a mask and maintain rooms in a well-ventilated environment. Check for local advice and workplace. Do everything!

Wear mask
Keep social distance
Sanitize frequently

Safety Measures:

If you have tested positive, you have to take care that you won’t affect anyone around you. So please inform everyone that you have tested positive for covid-19 so that they can keep some social distance, and that way, you can stop spreading covid-19.

Daily Routine During Covid:

When I was found positive for covid-19. My daily routine was simple as above
I woke up every day at 8 AM in the morning to get the shower.
Take sunshine for 15-30 minutes after a shower.
Drink Boiled and warm water.
Talk to my friends over videocall
I was watching movies and playing games that will boost my fighting spirit against covid.

Diet(What To Eat And What To Avoid):

Fruits, leafy vegetables
Orange juice lemon juice
Eat fruit, vegetables, legumes (e.g., lentils, beans), noodle and whole grain (e.g., untreated maize, millet, oats, wheat, brown rice or roots like potato, yam, taro, or snack), as well as animal foods foods foods (e.g., meat, fish, eggs, and milk).

Eat daily: 2 cups of fruit (4 servings), 2,5 cups of vegetables, and 180 g of meat and beans (red can be eaten 1−2 times a week, poultry is edible 2−3 times per week). Eat 2 cups of fruit and beans daily.
For snacks, instead of food high in sugar, fat, or Salt, select raw vegetables and fresh fruits.
Do not overcook fruit and vegetables because this results in a substantial loss of vitamins.
Drink enough water every day.

Eat less sugar and Salt
Limit the amount of salt and high sodium condiments when cooking and preparing food (e.g., soy sauce and fish sauce).
Contain less than 5 g (1 teaspoon approximately) of your daily salt intake and use iodine.
Avoid high salt and sugar foods (e.g., snacks).
Limit your consumption of high sugar soft drinks or soft drinks (e.g., fruit juices, fruit juice concentrates and syrups, flavored milk, and yogurt drinks).
Instead of sweet cookies, cakes, and chocolate, choose fresh fruits.

The Feeling During Being Locked In A Room:

I am not the person who will give you the best answer to this because I like being alone, so that is why I have enjoyed being in a locked room.

But as my colleague was also tested positive, he is not used to being in a locked room, so it is not as comfortable for him, but after a week, he gets used to it while playing games and enjoying watching movies alone.

There were times that you feel lonely as well. I was chatting and video calling my friends, playing games, and watching movies to avoid feeling lonely and that is how you will keep your fighting spirit against covid alive.

How To Take Care Of Others And Communicate With Them:

If you are tested positive for covid-19, you have to take care of others as well. Tell everyone who was in contact with you for the past couple of weeks to get themselves tested. Ask everyone to keep social distance and always wear a mask to communicate with others while keeping social distance.

But it is better to stay in a locked room and not getting out until it’s completely necessary.

If There Were Any Critical Days How You Keep Yourself Motivated:

I was in deep thinking, sometimes wondering about how serious this virus can affect human beings. And this will lead my mind into negative energy, so I do all these little things to keep myself motivated.
– I was reading books
– Watching movies
– Playing online games
– Setting up little goals for myself like writing something about my friends or me
– Video calling my friends and family

Duration Of Lasting Covid Symptoms:

I have covid symptoms for over two weeks, and after that, I have started recovering slowly, and at that time, I feel like my body was healing. This is how I kept myself motivated to fight against covid-19.

My covid symptoms last like 15 days after being tested positive for covid-19
And after that, I have minor symptoms like a sore throat, cough but I felt like it was healing slowly and steadily.

Recovery Days:

After tested for covid positive, I started taking doctor consultation and medication frequently and regularly taking my medicine, precaution, and doctor advice helps me a lot to recover speedily from the covid-19.
And after 23 days, I have tested negative for covid-19. My doctor suggested I take medicine for at least ten days after being tested negative.

What Precaution I Took After Recovery:

After tested negative, I took the precautions as above
– Wearing mask
– Keep social distance from everyone
– Avoid crowded places
– Take my medication for at least ten days after tested negative for covid.

How Many Days Medication Lasts:

My medication lasted ten days more even after being tested negative. The doctor told me to keep getting medicines for at least ten days more even after being tested negative for covid-19. But it is better advised to take advice from your doctor as well.

Duration of getting tested negative for covid-19( in how many days one should get tested after recovery):

After being tested positive for covid-19, I have taken medical consultation from the doctor, and generally, people say you can get the test done after 21 days. Still, it is more advisable to take the consultation from the doctor before getting the covid test done.
Your doctor’s consultation is much more important to know in how many days you should get tested after recovery.

How I Feel After Getting Tested Negative:

Once I have got my test done, I was a little scared about what would happen in the next minute and what if I haven’t recovered yet from covid.
When I got the resulting negative, it felt like the whole struggle I was doing to beat this virus is worth it.
And I realized that your fighting spirit would help you to beat this virus keep your hopes alive. Never give up.