Anime is one of the popular entertainment resources all across the globe, and it is getting a lot of attention nowadays because of the OTT platforms giving all the amazing content in one place to make your anime website get a good amount of exposure from the online market.

The covid-19 pandemic enables people to explore all types of content outside the region, making anime fans turn into large numbers and get a good amount of exposure from the online market.

Anime has something unique and inspiring to offer to the audience, which is why we see many people getting involved in watching anime, and fan numbers are growing each year. Anime has a good amount of teenage audience, which makes it get a lot of exposure from the online web and exposure from the online market.

Anime is one of the great sources of entertainment for people all across the globe right now, which is why we are witnessing anime movies getting a lot of attention and getting released worldwide.

Top 7 Superior Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online:

3. Animixplay
6. Netflix
7. Contv

anime websites



When it comes to watching anime online, one platform that is suggested by anyone to you is Crunchyroll because of its legal collection of anime and great user experience.

Crunchyroll has free and paid versions; where if you choose the free version, you need to encounter ads while watching your favorite show, and there are only a few shows you can watch for free.

With the premium version of Crunchyroll, you can experience dubbed anime shows and movies and enjoy the ad-free experience while watching your favorite animes.

Crunchyroll is one of the best platforms for people who want to enjoy an anime experience in Full High Quality.


Webiste: is another great website to binge-watch anime online for free, and it has no ads, which makes it the first choice for anime lovers to watch anime online.

This website has almost every popular anime show in its collection, and it is easy to explore and watch anime on the web. is a no-cost anime streaming service allowing users to download subbed and dubbed episodes in 4K resolution. The authority is striving to be the most reliable source of free anime by eliminating all forms of advertising.

3. Animixplay:


You may watch anime online or download it at AnimixPlay. Video hosting sites like Crunchyroll, GoGoanime, and 9anime make it possible to watch or download thousands of episodes of popular anime for free, complete with subtitles and dubbing, all while waiting for the videos to load quickly.

In order to ensure that you never run out of things to watch on Animixplay, our staff maintains the site with the newest anime as rapidly as possible and makes requests on a daily basis.

Both mobile devices and desktop computers can access our website with ease. However, a desktop computer is your best bet if you want a more seamless streaming experience.


Website: is one of the great resources for exploring anime content and enjoying the binge-watching anime experience.
This website has amazing anime show collections that give viewers a quality experience of enjoying the anime shows and movies.

This platform provides a great user experience and is free for all, which attracts the audience to binge-watch anime.

6. Netflix:


Netflix is one of the best anime shows in the collection, which might be on your watching list, so you try it on Netflix, where you can find good anime shows and movies.

Netflix is the most popular platform across the globe, and by recognizing the audience’s interest in anime all across the globe, Netflix has invested a huge amount of money to stream anime online to give the audience a binge-watching experience.

However, Netflix is not a free-to-watch platform, so you need to pay to watch the content on it with quality content to offer to its subscribers.

7. Contv:


Contv is US based network providing an anime collection of movies to the audience for free and in premium versions to binge-watch the experience.

If you’re a fan of Comic-Con, CONtv is the place to be online. CONtv is a place for fans to gather, find new shows to watch, and enjoy the odd, humorous, and horrifying media that is so widely adored at conventions.

Contv has a lot of anime shows and movies that have new things to offer; however, Contv doesn’t have popular shows like Naruto, one piece, and demon slayer in their collection.