A lot of youtube channels quit before they start because of not getting any results from their youtube channel. Creators sometimes expect miracles to happen and get a good amount of views quickly, which makes them lose their hope.

Good things always take time, so you have to wait to get the result you want from your youtube channel because it’s not that easy to become successful with youtube.

Youtube is a great platform that helps you to earn money with your skills. Many creators have become successful with the help of youtube.

It’s always a struggle to get views when we first start out with the youtube journey. You have to become passionate about creating something no matter what your audience’s size.

I met a lot of people getting 0 views on youtube and then quit the job because they won’t get the number of views they wanted.
Sometimes I wonder, What is the job of the creator? And for me, I think the best answer to this question is to create unique and amazing content no matter the size of the audience. If you keep creating your content with good intentions and making your creating skills grow further. You will end up making impressive content for your youtube channel, and that might become the one viral video you need to boost the views of your channel.

“Don’t think about the money when creating a video for your youtube channel; think about how you can provide quality and uniqueness in the video.”Ways-to-Grow-your-Youtube-Channel-from-0-Views-to-Getting-100k+-Subscribers


Now let’s learn how you can make your channel grow from 0 views to 100+ Subscribers counts.

Focus on Creating a Quality Content
Create Engaging Thumbnails
Write Keyword Optimized Titles
Write Keyword Optimized Meta Description
Analyze your competitors
Learn Youtube SEO
Create youtube shorts for better Engagement

Focus on Creating a Quality Content:

Create quality content for your video; make sure the video you provide to the users is well structured, organized, and has a good resolution.

Learn what users want to see from your videos and provide them with quality content to solve your users’ issues in your videos. Learn from the mistakes you made in your previous videos and eliminate those mistakes to create a good video.

Focus on quality over quantity will help you increase your youtube watch time, click-through rate, and subscribers.

One quality video a week is far better than five compromised quality videos in a week. So it would be best to focus on the quality of your youtube video to get better engagement.

Create Engaging Thumbnails:

Your Youtube video thumbnail makes the first impression of your video in the audience’s mind, so it is advised to make it as amazing and attractive as possible.

Add something that attracts the users to click on the video and write text like “5 secret ways to earn money you don’t know.” Or “5 secret addictive games no one knows about” so that audience easily gets attracted to your video.

An engaging thumbnail is something that does 50% of your job to get views for your video. Create thumbnails with every editing skill you might have and make them as attractive as you can to get clicks on your youtube video easily.

Write Keyword Optimized Titles:

Do your Keyword research on Youtube to Find out what types of content users are searching for and the users’ queries.
List all the keywords that you have found from your youtube keyword research and use them to make a video title for your youtube video that might be appropriate and suitable for the content of your youtube video.

Write a keyword-optimized title and use that main keyword in the hashtag of your video title so that your video appears in the recommendation of the people with the same interests.

Write Keyword Optimized Meta Description:

Your youtube meta description helps your video appear on the Google search engine with the proper keyword research and SEO-optimized meta description written in your video.

Learn content writing skills and basic SEO to write SEO optimized content for your youtube video. Make your video appear in the search engine as well and rank higher on youtube by writing keyword-optimized meta descriptions.

Put relevant hashtags on your Meta description to get well optimized by the youtube algorithm and reach the target audience.

Analyze your Competitors:

Your competitors are the best way to learn about how you can get more views for your youtube videos. Analyze your competitor’s watch out for their strategy to hit the audience and how they are appealing audience to subscribe to their youtube channel learn from them.

Watch your competitors and figure out how to make better videos and a better marketing strategy for your youtube channel.
Analyze what strategies your competitors are using to get a good amount of views from youtube for their videos. Act according to the strategy of your competitors for a while to see the result and try to make a unique one using youtube SEO for your channel.

Learn Youtube SEO:

Learn youtube SEO to make a good SEO strategy for your youtube channel. Youtube SEO will help you understand the search engine algorithms to make your video appear to many audiences.

Your YouTube SEO makes your video appear on the search engine easily and helps you learn how the Google algorithm works to rank the videos on the first page of Google.

Create Youtube Shorts for Better Engagement:

Now, youtube has the amazing feature of creating shorts that help get more views and reach a large audience from youtube. Upload shorts frequently on your youtube channel to get a better amount of views added to your youtube watch time.
Upload shorts within two or three days so your audience keeps connected to your youtube channel.

By doing this properly, you can earn a good amount of views in three to four months, but to reach 100+ subscribers, you have to follow this for one and half years which will help you to achieve your 100+ subscribers mark.