Youtube is the most popular video content marketing app that helps your business grow further and make it appealing for your business or your personal growth.
There are a lot of things that you will need if you want to improve the quality of your video and grow your youtube channel for the best.
When it comes to creating a video for a youtube channel, you have to consider these things…

1. Attractive and Catchy Title
2. Attractive Thumbnail
3. Informative Video Description
4. Length of the Video according to your audience
5. Relevant to the topic of your video
6. Good Video Resolution
7. Proper audio quality
8. Good Balance of Audio and Video
9. Edit the Video with having watcher persona in your mind
10. Cross-Check the Video one last time before Publishing



Learn to Make a Quality Video for Youtube:

1. Attractive and Catchy Title:

You have to create attractive and catchy titles for your video to get the attention of the users on the platform because there are several videos around for them on the platform, so catching the attention of users might be difficult.

You have to understand the queries and questions of users on youtube what they are searching for and analyze what types of titles easily get the attention of users while creating a title for your youtube video.

2. Attractive Thumbnails:

Youtube thumbnail plays a major role in getting attention from the users. If it’s attractive enough, you have to create attractive thumbnails for your youtube video.

Now you may wonder how I can make my thumbnail attractive? You can easily make your thumbnail attractive by creating a quality image with catchy headlines and making it appear visually appealing for the users.

The headline of your video and the thumbnail or your video is the first thing that users are going to see first, so you have to make it the best for your users and your channel to grow further.

3. Informative Video Description:

An Informative video description will help your audience understand the video, your channel, and your content.

Provide a two to four lines description of your video and then add your social networks in your description for users so that they can easily find you on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, etc.

Learn basic content writing or copywriting to create an awesome video description that stands out different from the others and helps you with SEO.

4. Length of the Video according to your audience:

You have to understand the interest of your audience and set that limit in your video timing so that your audience sticks to the video till the end. The longer you make the video, it will affect the user’s interest, and they will easily go somewhere else to find out the relevant video that helps you solve their query in a short video time.

The ideal video length would be 7 to 8 minutes which is enough to help your audience with their particular queries.

5. Your Video Should be Relevant to the Topic(headline):

I have seen this in some of the youtube videos that users don’t get what they are searching for in a particular video, which somehow becomes irrelevant to the topic.

Make sure you are stick to the topic while creating your youtube video and it is informative for the users.

If your video is informative enough to solve the queries of the users, then you might get a subscription and good engagement from the users.

6. Good Video Resolution:

Ensure that you are making a good resolution video that will visually appeal to the users. Users will find your videos as the best option if you provide a good resolution video.

A good video resolution is something that will create goodwill for your youtube channel.
So, make sure you are providing the best you can for your users with quality video resolution on your youtube channel.

7. Proper Audio Quality:

Having proper audio quality in your video will help you deliver the best for your users. Do not compromise with the audio quality of your video since it will solve the users’ queries. So help users with providing good audio quality in your video.

Use a good mic to deliver proper audio quality and make your video the best in every possible way for the users.

8. Good Balance of Audio and Video:

Provide a good balance of audio and visuals in your video. Keep checking that there is no mismatch between audio and visuals for your audience so that you can easily create a good video for the users.

A good balance of audio and video makes your video smooth and gives the best experience to the users. A good balance of audio and video will improve the quality of your video and increase the user’s interest.

9. Edit the Video with having watcher persona in your mind:

Now it’s time to edit the video. While editing the video, you have to keep the user persona in your mind so that you can edit your video perfectly.

Keep everything in mind while creating your video. Put a good intro and outro that is visually more attractive and use the awesome sound that helps your video become more interesting to watch for your audience.

Cut anything that your video doesn’t require and put interesting data and information in your mind.

10. Cross-Check the Video one last time before Publishing:

At last, you have to check the video to cross-check everything in the video is correct and precise, and the quality of your video is good enough to attract the audience.

Cross-check each and every perspective of the video and make sure you are good to go for publishing your video on the channel.
If you get a green signal by cross-checking the video, then publish it; otherwise, make the necessary changes needed to make it ready for publishing.