Mobile Gaming is becoming more popular in the past few years, and most youngsters and teenagers want to boost their gaming experience on their mobile gameplay.

Many mobile gamers face lag issues, ping issues, and mobile device issues that affect their gameplays destroy the whole gaming experience.

There are several players playing mobile games all across the globe including pubg mobile, cod mobile, freefire mobile, fortnite mobile, etc.

If you are one of the mobile gamers facing this kind of issue while playing games, then this is the right stop where you can find the right answer to boost the gaming experience on your Mobile.

How to Boost the Gaming Experience in My Mobile?

A lot of articles and blog posts would suggest you free up your mobile space and clean up the junk from your mobile to boost your gaming experience, but that is not going to do the 100% job.

And even this article is not going to help you 100%; you can be beneficial with your mobile gaming experience at least 60 to 65% with this guide.

The most important things that matter to boost your gaming experience are mobile processor, RAM, internal space storage, etc.



7 ways to Boost the Gaming Experience on your Mobile:

1. Change the Screen Refresh Rate
2. Fast Internet Connection
3. Turn On Force 4X MSAA (Multisample anti-aliasing)
4. Remove Junk From Your Phone
5. Enable Dolby Atmos Sound
6. Use Gaming Mode
7. Overclock the Phone CPU

1. Change the Screen Refresh Rate:

To boost your gameplay, you can change your refresh rate to 60 GHz or 120 GHz, which will help you to operate your game smoothly.

Improved visuals and smoother animations can be achieved with a greater refresh rate on the screen. One of the simplest ways to improve gaming performance on Android without rooting is to use a high screen refresh rate.

– First, go to the setting option on your mobile, then tap on the display option and select advanced in the resulting screen.
– Click on the Refresh rate and change it to the higher refresh rate that is available.

The exact steps will vary from device to device due to the many varieties of Android. If you can’t find the choice and know your smartphone has a high display refresh rate, look up your precise phone model online.

2. Fast Internet Connection:

Having a fast internet connection is important if you want to play Android games online. Due to the frequent sending and receiving of data, your games require this. This data transmission takes longer if you have a weak internet connection. In the end, your game experience is ruined because of it.

As a result, if you want your online games to run as smoothly as your offline ones, you need to use a high-speed internet connection.

Any fast enough connection will do. There are many options, including Wi-Fi and mobile data connections, depending on where you live.

3. Turn On Force 4X MSAA (Multisample anti-aliasing):

It is possible to force 4x MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) to improve the quality of your games on various Android devices. It’s by far the best setting in the Developer Options for enhancing Android’s gaming experience.

OpenGL 2.0 programs and games run faster and look better when using 4x MSAA.

Due to the rapid loss of battery life, this feature is typically disabled by default on most phones. To get the finest gaming experience on your phone, switch this function on if you don’t mind sacrificing battery life.

– Open the Settings app and hit About phone seven times. If you’re a developer, your phone should say so.
– System may be found in the main settings menu.
– Select the Developer tab.
– Force 4x MSAA is an option that can be enabled by clicking on it

The issue with Force $X MSAA is that it heats the mobile like a hot pocket.

4. Remove Junk From Your Phone:

Unnecessary junk files in your mobile make your phone laggy and affect your mobile’s performance. You have to clear all the junk files from your file manager, which helps you to make your phone smoother in performance. Having a lot of files on your phone slows it down.

Any files on your phone that are no longer needed should be deleted in order for your phone to run more efficiently. Your gaming sessions will benefit from the enhanced performance.

A wide variety of sites contribute trash stuff to your Android phone. Your outdated media files, unused documents, and leftovers from uninstalled software are all included in this garbage.

A built-in feature on many Android phones can help you to locate and safely remove unnecessary files. Here’s how to locate and make use of it:

Access setting on your phone, tap storage.
Click on the Free up Space.
Select the files that you don’t use anymore, and click on the free up in the bottom right.

5. Enable Dolby Atmos Sound:

Audio quality in your games is considerably enhanced with Dolby Atmos. It’s possible to enable this function on Android phones that support it and enjoy higher sound quality in your games.

This element can be turned on and off at any time from the Settings menu on most Samsung Galaxy phones. How to do it is as follows:

– Tap Sounds and vibration in the Settings app on your phone.
– Click on Sound quality and effects to see what they look like.
– On the Dolby Atmos switch.

6. Use Gaming Mode:

It’s a setting in the game that promises to boost your gameplay efficiency while a lot of hassle is already standard on most smartphones. Using this mode, you can improve your phone’s performance to have a better gaming experience. The essential feature of these apps for gamers is that they guarantee free-up resources as soon as you start a game.

Keep track of current FPS in-game, and also set the phone into an Instantly enter DND mode when you begin a new game mode, depending on the application of choice.

7. Overclock the Phone CPU:

For the true mobile gaming fan, we have something more hands-on. It is possible to increase the performance of your phone’s processor by overclocking its cores. A better gaming experience is achieved by allowing your games to process more items at once.

Most Android phones include CPU overclocking capabilities. However, before you can overclock your phone, you’ll need to root it. The risk of bricking your device is too great to take if you don’t know what root means.

Installing a modified kernel is the first step towards overclocking an Android phone. You may then use a program like Franco Kernel Manager to increase the speed of your processor. If you overclock your phone, it will run hotter and use up your battery faster, but It is feasible to get the most out of your gadget.