Pubg is the most famous and favorite battle royale game in the world among teenage players, and it is right now has a separate fanbase in the world.

The pubg corporation develops pubg, Krafton inc., a subsidiary of Korean-based company bluehole. And Chinese-based company tencent develops the mobile version for pubg corporation and krafton inc. having 10% shares in this game.

Brendon Greene is the person who makes this game for youngsters. Pubg is inspired by a 2000 Japanese movie called battle royale.

The genre of the game: Battle Royale and multiplayer



Developers of Pubg:

Brendon Greene

pubg corporation

Krafton inc.

Bluehole co.

Tencent games


Top Pubg Playing Countries:

in 2018 india had the most pubg players compared to the other countries, but when the Indian government bans the game on September 2, 2021 this data has decreased.

Now Pubg corporation launches Indian region-specific version for India called as battleground mobile India.

According to Statista report


Pubg playing countries

Country Share of Players
United States 24%
China 19%
Germany 6%
Russia 6%
South Korea 5.5%
Japan 4.3%
United Kingdom 4%
Other 31.2%



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), first published in early 2017, has rapidly won many supporters worldwide, particularly in the U.S. Nearly one-quarter of PUBG’s base of gamers came to the USA, and another 19% came from China.

Bluehole’s Battle Royale game plays a battle to the death for up to 100 online players until a single individual or team is left.

PUBG was a critical success in winning the Best multiplayer game for its new mobile edition in 2017 and one year later.

This pivotal achievement also resulted in business success, with the game generating about $6 million in June 2018 in the USA alone.

With sales of units in the amount of 50 million units globally, the game was only published in late March 2017, and quite amazing.

PlayerUnknown’s battlefields may still be found on a range of platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and mobile. Initially, Steam was released primarily on a PC gaming platform, and it appears that most of its faithful followers play the game.

In 2018, PUBG was the game most played on Steam, reaching more than 3.2 million players in one hour, much beyond its nearest opponent, DOTA 2. In 2018, Pubg was the most popular game played on steam.


Top Pubg Playing Countries in 2019:


Country Users
India More than 45 crores users
The United States More than 35 crores users
China More than 32 crores users
Russia More than 30 crores users
Germany More than 22 crores users
South Korea More than 20 crores users
The United Kingdom More than 12 crores users




PUBG is an online multiplayer game for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” Bluehole Company is the creator of this game in South Korea.

South Korea was the world’s largest PUBG player in 2017. China was the Top Country for PUBG at the end of 2017, while the United States in February 2018 was the leading PUBG player of its kind.

The USA was first on 1 January 2019, the second in China, and Russia was the third-largest PUBG player in the globe. On 1 January 2019, PUBG’s South Korea homeland was fourth.

Following March 2019, India began to play PUBG most worldwide in every leading country. As you know, India is the youngest player base country in the world.

The top 3 PUBG players were India on 30 March 2019 and on 8 September 2019 India was continually the top Pubg with around 45 Indian players. YouTubers from India, such as Dynamo, Carryminati, and Mortal also began to play PUBG.

After that, some YouTubers became a source of revenue. For my own enjoyment, I play PUBG too. PUBG is ever a pretty mobile game that’s enjoyable.


Pubg Mobile:

Pubg Mobile Users:


Date Daily Active Users
April 2018 10 Million
December 2018 30 Million
April 2019 50 Million
March 2020 65 Million
December 2020 30 Million



Pubg Mobile Downloads:


Date Downloads (Cumulative)
November 2018 200 Million
June 2019 400 Million
March 2020 600 Million
June 2020 730 Million



Pubg Mobile Overview:

Launch Date: 9 February 2018

Headquarters: Seonganam, south korea

Developers: Pubg Corporation, xFAIRx

Publishers: VNG Game Publishing, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, xFAIRx

Industry: Video games


Pubg Mobile Key statistics:

  • PUBG Mobile was the most important grossing game of the year 2020 to generate 2.6 billion dollars in revenue.
  • More than 50 million individuals played the game every day during the third quarter of 2020. The Chinese counterpart Game for Peace was another 70 million.
  • Game for Peace accounts for 50% of the turnover production of PUBG Mobile (Sensor Tower)
  • Half of mobile PUBG players were from India before the prohibition (App Annie)
  • More than 75% of PUBG mobile players in India are male, while USA 60% are male.



Pubg recently gained a lot of popularity amongst young players, pc, and mobile esports, which is a huge success for the game. Here we talked about the most pubg playing countries in the world.

Esports is right now at the booming phase, and the craze of gaming amongst youngsters and adults in every Country makes this game apart from any other games, which speaks for the success of this game.