Content writing has now become an essential digital asset for small businesses.


Let’s be clear and optimistic about the topic.

Content writing is helping businesses to get more traffic from the search engine and get a good amount of unique visitors.

But the biggest problem for a lot of writers today is they fail to attract the reader to read the whole content. That’s where the problem begins….

As a writer, you must write impressive content that urges your reader to read your whole content.

The maximum amount of time readers will spend on your article or webpage; google will rank your content higher on the search engine result pages.


To all the passionate writers who are trying every day to make their content more appealing and enhance their writing skills, I will share some tips to write impressive content.

Make sure you practice these tactics to improvise your writing style and write awesome content that appeals to the readers.

How to Write Wow-Worthy Content??

Your content will help your business grow further, so making your content as awesome as possible while putting your 100% effort into your writing is advised.

Write Unique Headline
Reader-friendly SEO Optimized Meta description
Use Short Paragraphs and Sentences
Use bucket brigade
Write it with the Human touch
Add Final words
Proofread whole content and make changes


write impressive content for your readers

Write Unique Headline:

It is something that you have to master if you want to become a great writer.

Because people will only click on your article if your well-written headline catches their attention, your competitors will win this game.

I know this is something you already know. You are here to learn how you can write unique headlines, right??


You have to use the copywriting formula AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to write an impressive headline.


Your headlines must need to catch the attention of the users. This will increase the chances of users clicking on your article rather than your competitors.

Your headline will make your article stand out from others, making users think that you have something informative to say…


Give them a reason to click on your article so that you will make your reader click on your article.

Add a number and year to give them a reason to click on your article.


Use power words and emotional words to create the desire to read your content and make users click on your article or blog post.


If you have successfully done the previous three-step, readers will find more likely to click on your article or blog post.

Reader-friendly SEO Optimized Meta description:

Now moving forward to the Meta Description…

Your meta description will create the first impression of your writing in the reader’s mind and search engine algorithms.

You must compose your meta description while considering both the reader’s interest and the SEO algorithm.

Write your meta description with the limit of 158-162 characters limit. It helps search engines to show your content more precisely.

Keep in mind..

You are writing your meta description with the human touch. Try not to use any fancy, stuffy words or sentences.

Make your meta description easily readable and SEO optimized.

Use Short Paragraphs and Sentences:


Try to use simple words in an impressive way that hits your readers with the relevant experiences.

Short Paragraphs and sentences make readers feel your content is easy to read, and they will spend more time on your blog post.

Practice writing short paragraphs and sentences.

Nurture your writing skills by practicing this on a regular basis.

If you compare your web pages with long paragraph content vs. short and simple paragraph content, you will notice that there is a lot of difference between readers time on your web pages.

Short and simple words and paragraphs will get more reading time than long paragraph content.

Learn to write by using 1/2/1 line process and 1/3/1 process.

1/2/1: Keep your first paragraph one-liner. In your second paragraph, use two lines; then, in the third paragraph, use one.

1/3/1: Keep your first paragraph one-liner. In your second line, use three lines, then in the third line, use only one line.
Practice this to master writing short paragraphs and sentences for your content.

Use Bucket Brigade:

Use the bucket brigade writing technique to keep the reader interested in your article or blog post.

A bucket brigade is a technique that the copywriters mostly use to keep the flow of the copy to make readers interested in reading the whole content.

A lot of content writers also use this technique to make their articles or blog post most interesting to read.

A bucket brigade is a process used to break two paragraphs using one bucket brigade word between those two paragraphs.

Some of the Bucket Brigade Words Example:

• Now:
• As if that’s not enough
• What does this mean for you?
• Best of all
• But wait, let me tell you something
• By now, you should
• In case you might be asking yourself
• Think about it:
• And the Good news?
• Here’s why:
• On the other hand
• Nevertheless
• No wonder
• On the other hand
• you see
• Turns out
• And that’s just one side of the story…
• In my own experience
• It’s true
• Simply put
• In other words
• Not so fast
• Meanwhile
• In my experience
• Even better
• By now
• And it doesn’t stop there
• By the way
• What does this mean for you?
• Think about it

General Bucket Brigades:

• Do I have your attention?
• OK, I know what you’re thinking:
• Think about that for a minute.
• I know the feeling:

Introductory Bucket Brigades:

• Have you ever wondered?
• Have you ever found yourself?
• Have you noticed?
• Do you want to know how?
• Do you hate it?
• Can you imagine?
• Do you know?
• You can also start with these;
• Check this out! Good news, Listen, Look, Hey! The fact has shown that.

Content Body Bucket Brigades:

• Use Phrases like
• Let’s get started,
• Let’s jump in!
• Let’s dig a little deeper.
• Let me show you how
• Let me explain
• First, let’s
• Let’s go
• Let’s dive in
• Here is how it works
• Do you want to know how it works?

Conclusion Bucket Brigades:

• In short:
• Let’s do the recap:
• In a nutshell:
• But don’t take my word for it:

Write it with Human Touch:

Write your whole content with human touch and add your experience with real-life incidents or what you have learned from any specific topic.

Make sure readers can connect with your writing, so keep your words and sentences short and simple.

Help your readers by putting relevant images in your articles or blog posts.

Learn about what readers exactly want from you when they search for your targeted keyword and provide them with what they want.

Get personal and share your side of the story.

Write down your own experiences about the topic but make sure you stay relevant to the topic and add value in your writing piece.

Add Final words:

After writing the whole piece, Now it’s time for the final words…

Add final words about the topic or story, what you think about it, how others can benefit from your article, and what personal advice you might want to give your readers.

Your final words are as important as the body of your article so make sure you add unique value by adding final words.
End the note with positive vibes like “See you again with a new blog post!” or “hope you find the article worthy of your time; follow for more.”

Proofread Whole Content and Make Changes:


It’s time for proofreading and editing..

You have to focus more on the proofreading and editing part to produce wow-worthy content for your readers.

Make sure you eliminate all the unnecessary stuff from your article and add some worthy lines that may enhance your article.

Proofread the whole content and check for grammar and spelling mistakes to make your writing piece more stunning.

You can easily use tools like Grammarly, Hemingway editor, ginger, etc. to proofread your content.

Final Words:

You can easily master this process to write impressive content if you practice it on a regular basis. A lot of quality writers are using this process to write impressive content for articles/blog posts.

If you can start writing today, you will achieve your goals in 20 to 30 days.