Roronoa Zoro, one of the most badass characters in the history of anime, trains like a monster to become stronger throughout the Onepiece series.

In his life, Zoro has only one goal: to become the world’s greatest swordsman. To accomplish his goal, Zoro trains harder every day and keeps training throughout the day like a Monster who knows nothing but training each and every day.

You can also become strong like Zoro by doing intensive workouts like Roronoa Zoro and become one of the strongest men who can turn around the table.

Training like Zoro is a self-disciplined process in which you can not compromise with your training no matter what.

In the series, Zoro says As long as I can stand, I can still train which shows how much dedication he has to his training.

Now let’s understand how you can train like Roronoa Zoro and become one of the strongest men around.

The Ultimate Process to Train Like a Roronoa Zoro:

1. Never Skip your Training
2. Be Self Disciplined with Your Training
3. Always believe “I am still Weak; I need to Train Harder”
4. Training Like a Monster
5. Always Challenge yourself

Train like a Roronoa Zoro

1. Never Skip your Training:

No matter what’s going on around you or in your body, even if you are sick, you can not afford to skip your training. Skipping your training means your enemy is becoming 1% better than you, and you are becoming weaker than your enemy.

Always tell yourself that you need to keep training to become better than your enemies and never keep your guard down in your training o that you can improve yourself for your own good.

Your training will make you strong and powerful, so you cannot afford to skip your workout no matter the circumstances; you need to keep training harder every day.

Never miss your training, and if you have missed your training, do not go to sleep before completing your full workout and punishing yourself with 60 Pushups so that you can get stronger and more powerful with each passing day.

Every time you reject training, you become weaker and weaker, and this benefits your enemies, not you, so you need to keep focusing on your training.

2. Be Self-Disciplined with your Training:

When it comes to training, Zoro is more self-disciplined and always ready to give more than enough time to his training to become stronger and more powerful.

You need to give enough time to your training and never compromise your training time so that you can easily get 1% better with each passing day and make your body stronger.

Once you give your 100% in your training, your body becomes used to the hard training, and you can become stronger with your hard training sessions.

You need to make yourself accountable by being disciplined and always maintaining your workout routine to reach your highest strength.

3. Always believe “I am still Weak; I need to Train Harder”:

Zoro always tells himself that “I am still weak, I need to train harder” so that he can train harder every day and become stronger than his enemies.

“I am still Weak; I need to Train Harder.”

You need to keep telling yourself this sentence so that you get used to working out daily with hard training and reaching your highest growth potential.

Once your mindset gets used to this, you will keep training harder and put your 100% effort in more intensive training, making you one of the strongest men around.

Your intensive training will make you stronger you need to think like zoro when it comes to training if you want to train like a monster Zoro workout.

4. Training Like a Monster:

Zoro trains like a Monster who knows nothing but training and fighting, so you need to ensure you are ready to train like him to strengthen your body.

You need to go for a proper monstrous training session to make yourself get used to this type of training and situations that make you become the strongest individual.

You need to keep pushing yourself to train harder and harder every day to become one of the strongest men around who is more strong and can fight any challenges coming his way.

“Train Harder than yesterday to make your tomorrow better today.”

Your monstrous training will make you learn how high and strong abilities your body may have and how you can become stronger with each passing day.

5. Always Challenge yourself:

Zoro challenges himself every time to learn about his potential we can remember the fight with Mr. 1, where Mr. 1’s devil fruit powers can make his body completely steel, and Zoro learn how to cut steel in that fight.

You need to challenge yourself with an intensive workout that you think can be harder for you and start doing it every day with a calm and composed mind to train your body to get used to the intensive workout like this and become stronger.