There is plenty of movies and web series that help us enjoy a few times and forget about the problems we are encountering in our day-to-day lives.

If you want to have good control over your emotion and wants to avoid the tension and stress of your life, then movies and web series are a good way to make yourself happy, and also you can learn a lot of things from these movies web shows.

People often want to watch movies that give them unique experiences to avoid getting bored and easily feeling attached to them.
Now, Let’s talk about harry potter; I think the majority audience would have seen this movie. Right? In each part of these movies harry potter encounters new challenges and a new storyline with the same concept, so people easily get attached to the movie.

Well, this is how people won’t get bored and get connected to the concept and the storyline of the movie or web show.
Now let’s begin with how to watch a movie according to your Mood?



As humans, we have many feelings and different types of emotions running out in our minds that end up hurting us. To control these emotions and avoid putting yourself into trouble, choosing to watch a movie or a web show will help you be in a good mood.

Watch Movies According to Your Mood:

Let’s learn more about this

When I have failed my exam at school/college in my early high school days, my biggest fear was that now I could not going to get a job, girl, or a proper lifestyle, and that’s when one of my friends suggested me, To watch the pursuit of happiness and three idiots these two movies I did exactly the same, and it makes my heart believe that no matter what happens in life if I fail or pass but I will never quit trying to become successful.

In the next exam, I score an A+, which makes me happier than ever, which is why I think movies and web shows are the great way to find ourselves.

When Feeling Sad:

There are many people who will suggest you watch sad rom-com or sad life fantasy movies when you are feeling sad, but from my perspective, you should not watch this kind of movie, especially when you are feeling sad. In case of feeling sad, you have to watch something comedy, inspirational, thriller so that you can easily avoid your sadness, but if you watch sad movies, it will make you more sad.

What to watch: Comedy, inspirational, thriller

When Feeling Happy:

It is the most amazing feeling we have a lot of people nowadays won’t easily become happy there are a lot of problems and difficulties in our life makes us stressed. In a happy mood, we suggest you watch a crime thriller, horror, romantic, action, mystery movie so that you can enjoy your chill movie time to the fullest with your friends or family.

What to Watch: action, crime thriller, horror, romantic, mystery

When Feeling Scared/Fear:

Watching horror movies when you are already scared is not a good idea. Scared is the feeling where we as a human see things in dangerous and worst possible ways, so we think that everywhere around us, something wants to harm us or see things as paranormal activity. So to avoid this kind of feeling, it will be a good option to choose comedy or inspirational movies.

What to watch: Comedy, Inspirational

When Feeling Angry:

Anger is the feeling you need to control and avoid as soon as possible because anger always makes trouble for us. So it would be great to avoid this feeling as soon as possible. In your angry mood, you should watch Comedy, Inspirational, Science fiction movies so that you can easily avoid your angry mood and stay out of more trouble.

What to watch: Comedy, Inspirational, Science fiction

When Feeling Guilty:

If you are feeling guilty, it is a sign that you are good to realize your mistakes, and when you are guilty and confess your feelings or mistakes towards the person, it is a sign that you have pure intention. You should watch comedy, survival, inspirational movies when you are feeling guilty.

What to watch: comedy, survival, inspirational

When Feeling Anxiety:

Anxiety is the worst feeling we have as humans that becomes much more complicated in human behavior. Avoiding anxiety is very important to tackle, which is why you should try watching comedy, survival, action, inspirational movies, and web shows. Anxiety kills all your good memories, so it would be best to kill anxiety by watching fantastic web shows and movies.
This way, you could better deal with your emotion of anxiety.

What to Watch: comedy, survival, action, inspirational


Watching movies according to your mood might help you understand how to deal with your emotions and feelings. This is a great way to deal with your emotional and mental health to improve and become much healthier for you to grow.