One Piece is one of the best manga comics that has impressed fans all across the globe and one of the great anime series that has raised the bar high for upcoming anime movies and shows.

The one-piece series revolves around a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who sets sail to become a pirate king by gathering a crew of pirates and searching for one Piece in the sea.

The crew has badass characters, which makes fans go crazy for the series, and they go island to island in search of One Piece and fight with the powerful villains to become the greatest pirate crew all across the globe and continue their journey to make their captain Monkey D. Luffy a pirate king.

One Piece is one of the best anime series that has attracted a good amount of viewers from all across the globe, and it is ongoing series with millions of fans eagerly waiting to binge-watch every next episode on the platform.

Here in this article, we will learn why One Piece became one of the best anime series globally and made it big.

Reasons Why is One Piece among the Greatest Anime Shows of All Time

1. Engaging Storyline
2. Mysterious Arcs
3. Badass Characters
4. Adventurous Pirate Journey
5. Full of Surprises and Suspense

One Piece Monkey D Luffy

1. Engaging Storyline:

One-piece anime has the most engaging storyline, giving fans a roller coaster ride of enjoying the masterpiece and moving forward to watch the next episode.

Whether it’s character development or a story of a villain introduced by the series, all the stories have been successful in catching users’ attention by making the audience feel connected to the story.

You can easily get connected to the series when you watch two or three arcs of One Piece, and after that, there is no coming back; you will finish all those thousand episodes in no time because of the engaging storyline that One Piece has.

The storyline of One Piece makes it easier for the audience to easily get connected with all those episodes and start binge-watching the whole series to catch up with the ongoing Wano country arc.

2. Mysterious Arcs:

One Piece has introduced mysterious arcs frequently throughout the whole anime series, which made fans get involved in the series to enjoy the mysterious journey of binge-watching those arcs.

Whether it is Romance Down Arc, Orange Town Arc, Sky Island Arc, or Jaya Arc, One Piece has entertained viewers with its mysterious arcs.

All the mystery involved with character development and all the crucial information about the characters and the whole journey of the Strawhats pirate crew.

The journey of straw hat pirates has been portrayed beautifully to make the audience enjoy every bit of it and get involved in the journey to watch the whole crew achieve their dreams.

3. Badass Characters:

One Piece has some badass characters that make people become die-hard fans of these anime characters and watch them grow as an individual.

Whether it is the captain of straw hat Monkey D. Luffy, Vice Captain Roronoa Zoro, sniper king Ussop, Navigator Nami, Cook Vinsmoke Sanji, Nico Robin, Jimbei, Franky, all these characters are something else.

Also, the supporting characters are steals the show, like Portugas D. Ace, Trafalgar D. Law. Captain Kid, Yamato, etc.

One Piece series has full of badass characters who will not sacrifice even one chance to impress the audience throughout the whole series.

4. Adventurous Pirate Journey:

The Straw hat pirates go on an adventurous pirate journey which makes this series full pack of emotions, friendship, and brotherhood experiences to enjoy for the people.

The series’ creators ensure that the audience gets an amazing rollercoaster ride of emotion while watching the whole anime series, so they have focused on making the journey challenging and mysterious, which involves risks and rewards for the straw hat pirates.

No matter how challenging the situation is, straw hat pirates are always ready to settle things down and move forward in search of One Piece to help their captain become a king of Pirates.

This journey of straw hat pirates is overwhelmed by the audience and keeps getting a good amount of views that, make this anime become highly popular all across the globe.

5. Full of Surprises and Suspense:

One Piece is full of surprises and suspense that keep people waiting for the next episode to discover the truth and experience those surprises.

Some of the best suspense includes Roronoa Zoro’s family tree, his swords, his training skills, etc., which makes audience wonder and make fan theories about all these.

Surprises like Luffy having third brother sabo that appears while Dressrossa arc and helps luffy to get Ace’s devil fruit powers.
All this suspense and surprise makes fans to binge-watch each episode of one piece as one of the great anime series experiences.