As a marvel cinematic fan, you may find Thanos as one of the strongest villains in the marvel cinematic universe.

The character of Thanos somehow explains the truth and reality of our lives and teaches us some of the greatest lessons of all time.

There are several things Thanos teaches us to move forward and get success in our life the way he achieved his goals facing all the difficulties.

Well, life is all about facing challenges, difficulties and achieving goals with ease. Thanos teaches us some of the great lessons from the infinity war and the avengers’ end game.

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, businessman, or serviceman, these lessons from Thanos help us all move forward in our lives.


Five Lessons to learn from Thanos:

1. Clear Goal and Vision:

Remember this line from Gamora in avengers infinity war “The entire time I have known the thanos, he only ever has one goal, to bring balance to the universe..”

Gamora knew Thanos for a very long time, and she knew that his only goal was to wipe half of the universe to bring the balance, and for that, he is willing to do anything no matter what

This lesson teaches us no matter what happens in your life, how many challenges or difficulties are there in your success path, stick to your goal and have a clear vision of your goal in your mind to achieve it with ease. Thanos teaches us to stick towards our goals and have a clear vision in our minds about our goals.

2. Solid Execution Plan and Strategy:

Thanos didn’t go randomly for infinity stones. He does everything by planning and executing his plan correctly. He knew which was the weak spot, so he collected all the infinity stones in order and created a strategy to execute his plan and achieve the goal with ease.

The Thanos teaches us to create a solid execution plan and strategy to achieve our goals. A solid execution plan and preparing for consequences would also help us to find out what we need to do to achieve our goals. Setup your plans and strategy to achieve your goals and be prepared for challenges.

3. Strong and Skilled People Around Having the Same Path:

If you look at the team of Thanos, you would say that every person is willing to die for Thanos to help him achieve his goal. Thanos has the loyal chittori army, the magician ebony maw, and skilled people who have helped him achieve his goals.

You have to be around strong and skilled people to learn something new every day, and it would be great if they also have the same path according to you have. Skillful people help you to understand your goal and Vision when you feel low sometimes.

4. Have Patience and Play for the Long Term:

Thanos has the patience, and he played it for the long term to achieve his goal, and he stick with that for a very long time which helped him to achieve his goal to bring balance in the whole universe. Ironman said that he had been thinking about Thanos for almost six years, and Gamora also said during the conversation with thor that she had known Thanos for almost 20 years, and in all his life, he has only one goal to bring balance in the universe.

Thanos teaches us to have patience for our goals no matter what time it takes to achieve our goals. Having patience for goals would help you to move forward slowly and steadily towards your goals.

5. Knowing Your Competition and Being Prepared for Them:

Thanos knew his competition and was willing to fight everyone coming in his way to fulfill his mission. He does this with dedication but not blindly. He did know where he was going and whom he was going to fight from earth to titan.
While fighting with ironman on titan, he said that “you are not only cursed with the knowledge.” he knew everything about his competition and was well prepared.

We have to learn this from Thanos. Knowing our competitions and how to tackle them in the most significant ways would help us move forward easily. Knowing your competition and being prepared for what is coming your way ahead would help you reduce most of your problems.


There are always bad guys and good guys in every movie, web series, or drama we watch, but some of the characters give us incredible memories and life lessons that we can not forget for a lifetime. Thanos is one of the great villains Marvel has given to the audience. Thanos has given us so many lessons to receive, learn, and move forward with our lives from the beginning to the end.
Thank you, Thanos!